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April 19, 2015


Solarplexius Car Sunblinds Review

by GFR2


I wanted some sunblinds for my car, something that covers the windows fully but easily removable, tints were out because they are fit and forget, normal blinds are generic so only cover a portion of the window.

Someone on the mentioned these, they are polycarbonite sheets cut to fit your windows, they pop in and can easily be popped out, sounds like an easy thing and the perfect solution.

Ordered direct from the UK website and paid £75 for the rear screen and 2 rear quarter panels – I didn’t opt for the whole rear passenger windows as installation prevents you from lowering them, but for static windows they would be perfect.

First Impressions.

After ordering I received a confirmation email and then tracking info, their site says delivery takes approx. 7 days as they come from Sweden………7 days later I get a text notification from dpd about the delivery – now this part wasn’t great, they kept trying to deliver when I wasn’t there despite being told to deliver to my neighbour, after calling dpd they said the sender wouldn’t allow them to be delivered to anywhere but the address, hmmmmmm.

Anyway, picked them up from the depot and at the end of the day went home, opened them up carefully (no knives as per the custom packaging so to avoid damage), out came the rear screen, 2 side panels and a bag of paperwork and bits.

The panels felt thin but thats what I was expecting, the side panels were perfectly cut but the rear panel looked like it was done by hand in some places, which I hoped wouldn’t be a problem.


Now this is both good and bad, the panels sit in between the glass and the trim, this is meant to act as their fixing.

So I followed the instructions, watched their YouTube videos and then made sure all the windows were clean, put on the supplied gloves and peeled off the film – the gloves are supplied to prevent finger prints and dirt.  The side windows popped in and within 30 seconds they were both done and dusted.
The back window, or as I know it the half hour of hell.  It seemed simple, bend, flex and pop in – great, except the poor cut stopped it from sitting right and once in place it vibrated against the back window like no-ones business.  The bag of bits included pieces of plastic with double sided tape attached, apparently they are to bit fitted to stop vibration and movement.  For me they were either too tight or useless!

Several minutes of utter frustration led me to ripping the rear unit out and swearing at it lots.  After a cup of tea and a think I came up with a solution, sticky neoprene padding applied around the outside edge.  Once this was on, the rear screen was a different thing, it now sits nicely in the trim gap with no vibration or movement.


The concept is there (well for static windows) and the fitting should be simple, but a little more attention is needed when they cut the panel so no odd bits are in the way.  Personally for the rear screen the small addition of the neoprene foam helped no end, but thats from using that sort of thing before and having a mind that hates defeat – others may have been happy with the vibration or been frustrated but given up.

Update – 05/07/2015

The neoprene foam compressed, which caused the rear panel to slip which damaged the foam which caused vibration which caused the panel to slip which damaged more foam and so on – the vibration on the rear panel over bumpy roads (of which we have many in the UK) became so annoying that I have decided to remove the all 3 panels. (Well the sides would look daft with no rear).

Don’t waste your money, either opt for tints or look for removable sunshades made from mesh fabric.

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  1. Stephen Currie
    Aug 13 2016

    I agree totally with the above views. What a waste of time and money, they are a nightmare to fit, do not take the shape of the windows and the rear screen rattles.
    How this company have grown is beyond me – the only advantage is that they are supposed to be ‘easy-fit’ and hence easy to take out – no chance, I had to break mine to return them!


  2. Dave130
    Jan 17 2017

    Thanks guys for the feed back…. Was looking to get a set of back ones for my Land Rover TD5 think ill give it a miss….
    Thanks for saving me £115..


  3. Tony
    Apr 6 2017

    Thanks for these reviews i was going to get rear one for fiesta but I’ll just use a mesh blind you can get large rear ones for about a fiver on Amazon.
    I had one in a crv for years with no probs


  4. Jan 1 2018

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I really like it very much, I definitely going to follow your tips, please keep sharing these kinds of the blog with us.


  5. Adrian
    May 24 2018

    I wish I’d found this before buying! Like Dave130 above I could have saved myself £115. I wanted these for when I have the dog in the car. I have a 3 door Grand Vitara and the 2 small side panels fitted like a dream. Come to fit the rear however and a “half-hour of hell” followed. The panel didn’t seem quite big enough to fit behind the trim all round so needed holding in place while fiddling with the clunky, sticky plastic things. These were very difficult to fit behind the trim and one week on have dislodged allowing the rear panel to slide down leaving a 2mm gap at the top. I’ve just cut the remaining clunky plastic jobbies in half and trimmed the DST from the leading edge and that seems to work – for now! Time will tell…
    I also failed to take into account the OEM tint. With the rear panel in place I might as well be driving a panel van with no back windows. On a sunny day I can just make out the road behind but I’ve yet to try out when it’s dark.
    Ho hum. Buyer beware and all that!


  6. Norman Foster
    Oct 26 2018

    I cannot but agree. Customer service was great. Delivery took two days from order. So far, excellent. Product was very well packed and protected.
    To be honest, fitting was fine and simple. My only problem was fitting the rear windows, there is a defiinite knack and you have to have the windows halfway down – this was not clear in the instructions and so I b*ggered one window up, got it scratched and messy.
    I have to say I didn’t like the very dark brown tint, it was too dark for my taste and the lights of cars behind appeared orange and it was impossible to use the rear view mirror. Additioinally, the tinted panels also vibrate on rough roads (of course that means nearly all roads in the UK!) as mentioned by another reviewer and it’s impossible to stop them doing so.
    I have now chucked them and arranged for a local window tint company to visit. Quite frankly the additional £65 cost is quite acceptable. The idea is great but in practice not so great.



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