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July 26, 2015


JVC CS-J620X Dacia Stepway Speaker Kit Review

by GFR2

Yep thats right, I own a Dacia Sandero Stepway (the cars on my wish list are still out of my league!) and for the money its not a bad little car, but the basic cheap Renault speakers are poor, we’re talking newspaper thin cone poor which means crappy quality music and no excessive volume to make you deaf (or if like me you are already partly deaf, volume to enjoy the music).

Now the Stepway/Sandero/Logan all use the same speakers which are 13cm unit with a huge bracket in the front and 13cm with a small bracket in the rear (if fitted).  16.5cms will fit in the front, they also fit in the rear but there are no after market mounts for the rears.

Whats in the kit?

I ordered these from Ebay and the following arrived –

  • 1 set of JVC speakers (300 Watt)
  • 2 speaker mounts designed for the Stepway/Sandero/Logan.

*Note – You will need either speaker adaptors to use the OE plug or snip these off and connect normal spade connectors.

First Impressions.

The speakers are much better than the OE ones, not the best on the market but they at least weigh something more than a bag of crisps!  The mounts are flexible plastic with pre-drilled holes for the speakers – just a shame they don’t actually marry up to the same 4 holes in the speakers!


If you don’t like taking things apart then you don’t want to do this!

  1. First things first, undo the internal door handle screw, pop it out and twist it to slide it off.
  2. Unscrew the screw at the edge of the panel.
  3. Assuming you have the same Laureate model as me, pop off the graphite door handle covers and remove the 2 screws.
  4. Pop off the internal cover above the main door trim (internal to the mirror).
  5. Using trim removal tools, slowly work your way around the edge of the door popping the lugs off the door frame – you may need to be brutal here!
  6. Slide the panel upwards and remove.
  7. Grab a drill and drill out the 3 rivets holding in the speaker housing.
  8. Remove the existing speaker and housing by disconnecting the lead and pulling towards you (if you are lucky it’ll come off with ease).
  9. Drill out the remaining part of the rivets.
  10. Attach the new mounts (I used 3 x 16mm M6 bolts and nylon lock nuts).
  11. Connect the speaker adaptor/crimp new connectors.
  12. Feed cable through smallblack rubber gromet just above speaker mount and attach to speaker.
  13. Mount speaker using either pre-drilled holes or drilling your own.
  14. Re-fit door panel.
  15. Repeat on other door.

Simples…… theory!


Much better than the OE speakers, you can hear all aspects of the music at all speeds (motorway speed could drown out softer music), no distortion if you want to turn it up and a decent frequency range so you can also feel the bass too.

In you just change the fronts and have OE rears you will hear them distort, if you want to change these you will need to either find a way of mounting new speakers or buy the Kenwood speakers already on the mounts – but as I bought 2 sets of these I found a way of mounting them.


Better than OE but not Bose quality (but lets be realistic this is a Dacia not a top of the range monster!) – The headunit will play a part of this as its driving the speakers and the MediaNav isn’t the most powerful in the world, but still a vast improvement over the OE speakers and nearly as good as the standard setup in my previous Ford Focus.

Update – 10/08/2015

Still good and you can turn the volume of the MediaNav up to max with no distortion (although someone at LG needs to explain why max volume is 31!).  We’ve had plenty of rain and no leaks (sounds odd, but the speaker does sit inside the door panel so can be exposed to a small amount of water ingress like any car door.

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  1. Neil Peacock
    Apr 7 2017

    Replaced front and rear speakers on 2016 Stepway – as per previous comments biggest issue is drilling out original speakers rivets (used hand grinder for rear as took ages to sand / drill out front) and door panel retaining clips very tight (also several broke)

    Got speakers / mounting and cable adapters from 0191 863 005 via eBay – speakers and mounts different for back but supplied Pioneer speakers and adapters did fit ok so would recommend them – also purchased some acoustic self adhesive panels but unsure of effectiveness


    • Apr 7 2017

      I used Bassjunkies on ebay for the extra parts when I changed the headunit from the OE LG unit to my nice Pioneer – excellent company who were quick to dispatch and answer questions.



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