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May 15, 2016

Rexing V1 Dash Camera – Full Review

by GFR2

Yes I know, another Dash cam!  The front of the car has a camera although its a slightly disappointing Snooper camera, but the back of the car has nothing.  Recently on the way into and home from work I’ve noticed a fair number of drivers pushing their way in behind me and then sitting on my bumper.  If someone pushes in front of me then I have some protection, but not much if someone pushes in behind me.

As the Snooper is expensive, has power issues and isn’t great in poor light, the Nextbase 101 is just poor and the Transcend had firmware/battery issues it was a chance to look at something else.

After much searching and seeing the ever increasing types out there, I had to start looking at the limited reviews on Amazon to help.  The Rexing came up on the list and its design looked promising – a major bug bear of mine is the in your face size and labelling of alot of dash cameras these days, as you can see this has neither!

Designed to fit in multi angled installs, it allows for discreet installation plus the bracket is not only small but it uses a sticky pad, so the main body can be hidden in the black dots on your windscreen exposing only the camera part at the bottom – so far, so good.

The unit is well built, along the same lines as the Nextbase but not as substantial as the Snooper but one of the features I liked was the power supply and its hidden USB port which means you can still charge your phone and have the camera running from the same 12v acc socket.

The failing of the Snooper is an issue with the slight power drop when starting the car, well this like the Nextbase doesn’t have that problem and is quite happy to be wired into the socket which means it’ll also work on cars with stop/start functionality.

I have a 32GB card installed and within 2 minutes it was up and running and ready to go.

Over the next few weeks I’ll run some recordings (hopefully some at night) and then I’ll update this review with the results.

Update – 18/05/2016

Its been a few days which have given me several hours of footage from 6:30am up until 7:30pm (no night driving yet) and the footage is excellent, I’ve compared this to footage from both the Nextbase and the currently installed Snooper and there is no comparison.  This is full HD and it shows, crisp colours, sharp edges, the ability to read number plates easily from quite a distance on the recordings.

Next, some night driving.

Update – 12/06/2016

Last night we had some mixed night driving, including dusk and pitch black out in the middle of nowhere A roads.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I checked the footage as my previous cams were pretty useless at night, in a built up area you barely had any picture and in the middle of nowhere you had essentially a blank screen with an odd dot here or there.  The Rexing……..completely different, in built up areas it was great, excellent detail, correct light balance and it was almost like watching with the naked eye, in the middle of nowhere pitch black A-roads we had visibility as far as the headlight pattern (dip and main beam), when road signs came into the pattern they were clearly visible, other sources of light were picked up correctly and all in all its very good.

So with the night driving combined with the general use then I have to say this is one awesome little camera made even better by the price tag!  I’d be interested to see if Rexing sell the GPS add on module for this as that would just top off this camera.

This unit is available to purchase here


Final Update

I’ve been running 2 of these in the car for a year now having replaced the Snooper at the front of the car with another of these, works like a treat every day (runs on average approx. 3 hours per day for the standard rush hour commute) and the only issue has been a failed SD card but running quality Samsungs now so no issues there.  I’ve also had these installed in a couple of cars with stop/start and again no issues with those.


For footage captured on the Rexing V1, please click on the icon below to open my YouTube channel.


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