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July 17, 2016

Connects2 Dacia Sandero/Stepway/Logan/Duster Install kit

by GFR2

The MediaNav in thd Dacia is awful, I’ve put up with it for nearly 2 years now, the first year was for the Sat Nav aspect and hoping it would be get better and issues would be fixed in firmware updates but no, nothing.

So I’ve removed it and replaced it with a Pioneer unit but due to the unique shape of the Dacia unit (from the front its a double DIN, but at the back its single but fits ina double slot) and its nicely different Renault wiring loom you need a kit.

Connects2 have this kit available which consists of a replacement facia, mounting brackets (inc. screws), wiring loom converter (inc. steering wheel control interface) and aerial converter.

To help with the install as instructions aren’t provided here is a little help –

  1. Remove the centre section surrounding the stereo/air vents – pick a bottom corner and start to pull it away, either the whole bit (black and grey trim) will come away or just the grey trim, if the latter then grip the black corner that you can see and pull that and the 2 parts should start to come away.
  2. Disconnect the multiplug for the hazards and door lock.
  3. Unscrew the 4 torx screws and keep these to 1 side.
  4. On your new double DIN stereo, discard the cage and pop off the standard stereo surround.
  5. Attach the mounting brackets to the sides, they will align closer to the top than the bottom (use the medianav as a rough guide).  To align them to the front, place the new fascia on the front of the stereo and move the brackets so they are flush with this and then tighten.
  6. Attach the wiring loom to the stereo first and all the other cables for the stereo then connect these to the coverter cables and to the car cables.
  7. Neatly tuck the cables in the void using the space on the right and left behind the dash to keep the void empty.
  8. Place the new unit into the void, align the brackets up with the mounting holes and screw the torx back in.
  9. Attach the fascia over the top of the new unit into the existing guide holes in the dash.
  10. Re-attach the wiring look for the hazards/door lock.
  11. Align the centre section and push back into place, on the edges you may need to jiggle it a little to line it up.

All done, looks factory fitted but with a unit that is so mich better than the MediaNav.

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