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September 17, 2016


PikPerfect Wedding Album designers and printers

by GFR2

We loved every minute of our wedding, from the moment we woke up (or in my case woke up, went to sleep, woke up, went to sleep and then woke up when the alarm went off!) to the end of the best day of our lives.

A few weeks later we had our 600+ wedding photos delivered and we wanted our favourites to be part of our wedding album, now we didn’t opt for a wedding album from our photographer, this was more down to cost than anything else as we were trying to keep a close eye on expenses.

I jumped online and had a look at the usual places (photobox, tesco, snapfish, vistaprint etc) and they all had a selection but nothing that actually jumped out and said ‘this is your album’, then I stumbled upon PikPerfect……

I had a look at their options, read some reviews and looked at their pricing – yes they are more expensive than the list above but cheaper than the options from the photographer, they also offered something the others didn’t – a design service, you upload your photos and they do the layout with different backgrounds, effects and such like.  So we spent a while picking our favourite photots which amounted to some 206 photos!

The next thing was the upload, 206 high-res photos took about 12 hours or so to upload on our pathetic UK ADSL speeds.

Now they have 2 different types of books, lay flat albums and photo books, both have their pros and cons but we opted for the photobook as we hope it’ll look just as good in 50 years time!

We picked the options for the book size (landscape A3 in our case) with the optional cover selection (sand linen with silver writing) and our choice of upgraded paper (photo lustre 190gsm) and our additional pages (24 as standard, we needed 72 in total).

A couple of days later we had an email showing us our first design, its online and fully interactive and several pages had different options for design, colours and layout.  We added our feedback notes directly onto the design.

Two days later we had another email with all the changes we requested made, at this point we knew that this was the album we wanted and PikPerfect were the company to do it.

The order was placed and the price was unbelievable!  For the fully customised, largest size photo book available with a linen cover, higher quality paper, additional pages, design service, display box and shipping it came to £206! That was half the price of other options available to us!

The design service was a one off payment of 75p per page, so for us £54 but we did get a 25% discount on this as we were a new customer.

After we placed the order I received an email advising a couple of photos were blurred (with a link to the pages and the photos) but they suspected this blur was intentional but wanted to check – it was part of the photo effect but we were happy they checked first.

About 8 days later I received notification that the album had been dispatched, 2 days later it was in my hand – an exceptionally well packaged album that survived ParcelForce!

We opened the package and were stunned at the quality of the album, the photos look amazing, and the design looked even better in the flesh – of course the phot quality is down to our photogrpaher (Simon Gough Photography) but the design is all PikPerfect as is the printing, assembly and presentation.

Everyone who has seen the album loves it and then they have the look of shock on their faces when we tell them how much it was – everyone expects at least double the price!

If you aren’t sure about using them, trust me, they will not disappoint and you will be amazed by the standard of their work and happy that you chose them.

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  1. Veronica
    Feb 1 2017

    Thanks for the thorough review! I was looking for non-biased reviews of them to use for our album. I’m super picky about photo, paper and overall quality of materials. Can you clarify why you chose the photo book over the lay-flat option? I thought the lay-flat option was supposed to be “nicer’ especially for landscape shots. Thanks!


    • Feb 1 2017

      To be honest for me it was a trade off between that extra dimension from the lay-flat versus longevity, in this case the type of paper used – the lay-flat uses a photo paper that the site says can be damaged by moisture. I live in Wales, we have a lot of rain and many people would want to see the photos (plus we like showing the album off!) I decided to go with the photo album version (with heavier paper) to avoid any possible moisture issue, not that I doubt the quality of the lay-flat version.

      We have some very nice landscape photos (where its blended into the next page) and these look amazing on the photo book but does have the gap, on the lay-flat it would be a continuous image so I would imagine adds to the image as there would be no gap.

      There was also something I didn’t add to the original review, not through any negative reason but because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise – we ordered 2 smaller copies of the album but in A4 landscape as Christmas gifts for both sets of parents, these also matched the quality of our album as they were exact replicas. (I even managed to source some matching black presentation boxes).



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