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October 13, 2016

CCBetter branded Wildlife Night vision camera

by GFR2

Ever wondered what happens in your garden at night? Or even during the day when you aren’t there?  This little (well not so little) box of tricks holds the answers.  Essentially its an action camera with IR for night recording and PIR sensors to pick up movement.

First Impressions and Box contents.

The unit itself is quite larger, larger than I was expecting but it does hold the IR section, the lens and 3 PIRs, then inside it has a 2″ screen and controls, SD card slot (full size card) and the battery area.  Cram all this into a box and its not as large as you’d first thought.

So whats in the box?

  • The camera with attached mount.
  • Fully adjustable base mount for the unit.
  • USB Connection cable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Instruction manual

The unit can take 4 or 8 AA batteries – this (according to the manual) gives it 3 or 6 months use.  For my testing I’ve filled it with all 8 batteries.  I was surprised that it didn’t contain a rechargeable battery unit but I suspect this may be to keep costs down and offer people the option to pick their own batteries and potential useable period.


Very easy to setup, pop the SD card in, add the batteries and flick the switch to test – this is for 2 functions

  1. Setup the finer points of the camera
  2. Test the position and detection zones for the PIR sensors.

Within a few minutes its very easy to have this setup and recording – it actually takes longer to find a suitable mounting place and then securely mount the camera – this isn’t a failing in the camera but just the way of things!

The manual is very informative and does a good job at telling you how to set it up and fully test it.


I’ve had this running for a few weeks and found that most of the footage is pretty much standard stuff, me walking past, the dog barking at it, the cat sitting in front of it, the washing setting off the sensors and so on.  I have added a few videos to my Youtube channel showing both day and night footage of the camera.

Day Footage – Very clear and full HD but does seem a little grainy compared to the Dashcams and action cameras I’ve tested.

Night Footage – This is the strong point of the unit, very clear over the area it records and as can be seen from the footage it picks up movement very well.  Its a better low light view than the DLink Cloud camera I reviewed last year and also in full HD.

I’m going to mount this outside the garden and see what it picks up in terms of wildlife, as we have nothing but trees behind us so that could bring up some good footage.

To view my footage, click here


This is a useful camera for motion detection in remote areas both in the daytime and at night and would be useful for wildlife monitoring, convert security filming (such as fly tipping, entry/exit access etc), anything that requires motion capture and time lapse video footage (I’m looking forward to the winter and hoping I can get some decent time lapse snow covering).

Update – May 2017

Not a major issue as such but choose your batteries wisely (think Indiana Jones and the last crusade when you read that), cheap batteries will be use all their electrical power in a very short space of time and the colder it is the quicker this happens – for example a fresh set of cheap eBuyer batteries lasted less than 2 days for 60 second time lapse photos in temps hovering around 0-2C.  Spend a little more money and you can double or triple that, but the issue is temperatures, cold weather equals short battery life – I might try Li-Ion instead.

For footage captured on the Wildlife Camera, please click on the icon below to open my YouTube channel.


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