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January 30, 2017

Global Gourmet Electric Tabletop Pizza Maker

by GFR2

Mmmmm pizza…..(in a Homer Simpson type drool)

You may have noticed that I like food, especially BBQs and Pizzas and I love firing up the pizza oven and making a stack of pizzas – the only problem is the weather, its not easy to do it in the rain and I can’t leave the pizza stone in my weber out over the winter incase the frosts we get decide to damage it.

I need pizza and not the shop bought type or the attempts at heating a stone in the oven but actual pizza cooked in minutes.

I was asked to review this pizza oven and thought why not, I have friends in Germany who have a tabletop pizza maker that does single pizzas and that was really nice so I had high hopes for this.

In the box.

The box wasn’t as big as I was expecting but very well packaged, opening up I found the following –

  • Pizza oven electric base
  • Non stick pizza cooking surface
  • Ceramic pizza dome
  • 4 x pizza paddles
  • 1 x pizza dough cutter (to match the size of the paddles)
  • Instruction manual

First Impressions.

The base is very light, but then again it only contains the heating element and electrics so doesn’t need to be that heavy but there is something to be said for a bit of weight, it just instills some confidence in the build quality.

The ceramic dome is the opposite, its heavy as you’d expect but not too heavy, has a handle on top amd sits very nicely on the base.

The paddles have a decent feel to them (not flimsy like they’ll break) and the instructions say you can cook the pizza on them which is backed up in their quality.

The dough cutter could do with being slightly thicker or made of metal as it does feel a little thin for me.


Saturday night became pizza making night, I bought a stack of toppings and made my pizza dough, after it was ready for use I set about creating a load of bases ready to use.

Now I was planning on using this on the kitchen table and having everyone create their own, but as this was the first use I wanted to see how it played out so I created and cooked 20 pizzas!

The oven takes about 10 minutes to heat up before use, which considering you’d preheat your oven is no suprise especially as this is also heating the ceramic dome.

Simple yet effective toppings, smoke ham, crispy bacon and grated mozzarella, now one thing I’ve learnt over the past couple of years of homemade pizza making is not to overload the base – cheese melts and spreads and toppings go with them, the pizzas in the picture did need a little more cheese but for the first creations they worked well.

These tasted as good as they looked, the first batch I started to cook on the paddle but removed them after a couple of minutes, which did meant the entire base was nice and crispy, fluffy centre and perfectly cooked toppings.

Pizzas cooking away!  It takes around 5 minutes or so to fully cook the pizzas but I found that 4 at a time were a little tight and meant you did need to turn it part way through the cooking to ensure the topping was evenly cooked, I dropped this down to 3 at a time and it made a huge difference – no need to turn and again within 5 minutes the pizzas were perfect.

Now the geek part, I measured the temps of the oven and found the base was sitting around 270C and the upper element was around 320C, my wood fired weber conversion pizza oven runs around 350C (base and top) and cooks a pizza in 3 minutes (or less!) so the temps and cooking times for this indoor oven are pretty good!

Fully loaded (well 3 anyway).


After feeding 4 hungry adults with pizza (I admit I ate 6 of the 20), everyone was stuffed, happy and very impressed – indoor pizza nights are going to happen often now!  You don’t get the wood fired smoke taste of the outdoor oven but you do get an exceptional tasting pizza as good if not better than any professional pizza restaurant or pizza takeaway.

Of course you need to put in the effort and make the dough but thats 10 minutes work, an hour of proving (I find my dough is nicer this way) and then some pizza assembly required.

In the end its worth it, if you are aiming at family time with the kids, feeding hungry adults or even using this at a party to create mini pizzas you need one of these.  It won’t replace my outdoor oven but it will compliment it and means I can have decent pizza when the weather isn’t that great!

If you are interested in buying one of these, please click here


This has had a lot of use over the past few months and has cooked to date approx. 100 pizzas and its still going strong.  A little tip if you get pizza topping on the dome, when its cool, wet that area and use a normal washing up brush and it comes straight off.

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