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March 11, 2017


Doro 5516 Mobile Phone – the battery eater

by GFR2

My Mum has always had Nokias and they have pretty much been indestructable for the most part, her last one had a water related incident and although survived, the screen was damaged so displayed an almost inverted colour scheme so time came for a new phone.  Simple list really, not a smartphone, easy to use, tri-band and bluetooth for the car.

Now Nokia don’t have a tri-band non smartphone so I had to look elsewhere and found this newly released Doro 5516.  So looking around I found the cheapest sim free version was available in our local Car Phone Warehouse – a quick trip down there and a painful experience with a less than useful employee (almost off putting) and we returned with said phone.

In the box.

As with most devices now the box contains as little as possible.

  • Doro 5516
  • USB Charger
  • Instruction manual


Simple and quick to setup, very intuitive menu system, a very Nokia like quality and packed full of features but then things went wrong…..

The official specs show an 800mAh battery that has upto 500 hours standby, 12 hours later and the phone was being very verbal about battery life, shortly afterwards it powered off.  So it was charged again until it told us to unplug it, it was left on the side and had full network connection (no data enabled, no bluetooth at this stage) by the morning it was down to less than 50% charge, by lunchtime it was gone.

A couple more days of this and also enabling bluetooth for the car meant battery life was now approx. 12 hours

An email to Doro support provided less than helpful answers, first I was told to disable Bluetooth and this would fix the issue (I pointed out this isn’t a fix), I was then asked for the software version and told that charging the device every 3-4 days was considered normal at which point I had to explain once again that a charge would last 12 hours.  I was then asked to contact the repair centre.  I asked for confirmation that they suspect he phone is faulty as I’m planning on returning it to the unhelpful employee at Car Phone Warehouse – I’ve not received anything in response.

So what happened next?  A dual-band Nokia 216 was purchased which has worked flawlessly since!


The phone would be excellent if the battery life was as expected, we’d be happy with a recharge every 3-4 days, but not twice a day!  Come on Doro you can do better than this.


Doro did (eventually) confirm they suspected a fault, the phone has been kept and will be used as a holiday phone because of its triband coverage compared to the dual band of the so far flawless Nokia 216 that replaced it.

Hello to all the visitors from Giff Gaff, yes this phone really does have a very poor battery life and more and more people are starting to complain about it.  If you don’t need the tri-band features then I would highly recommend looking at the Nokia 216, like cockroaches it will outlive mankind!

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  1. Sep 7 2017

    Have to disagree. Got my phone in July and the battery lasts a week between charges. Don’t make many calls but pleased with the phone.



    • Sep 7 2017

      You may have a newer firmware than the original that shipped with the handset referenced in this review, if thats the case then I’m glad they have rectified it and made this the phone it should be.


      • Sep 7 2017

        True. Be interesting to hear other users thoughts.


        • Sep 7 2017

          I’ve had a look and can’t find a way to update the firmware, for reference to find the firmware type *#18375# – Version shows as 5516_NL242_S02A_V01_M160914_MP which gives a firmware build date of 14/09/2016.


          • Sep 8 2017

            By firmware version is 5516 NL242 S05A V02 M16 1222 MP 22/12/16 so slightly newer.


          • Sep 8 2017

            Looks like it would be the firmware – I watched the battery lose 5% in 30 minutes last night with minimal use. Glad to hear yours is working well, its a good phone for those who don’t need a smartphone. (Battery issues aside)


  2. andrew
    Jan 18 2018

    It is a good phone, attractive and easy to use and the feel is good. It has space for a memory card and 3G internet is faster than equivalent phones I have had. There is a radio but for some reason no mp3 player. So why it needs a memory card slot is beyond me!


  3. veronica Bradford
    Jan 28 2018

    I have just bought a dora phone,i have to charge it every day,very annoying,


    • Jan 28 2018

      If you don’t need to use certain features then try turning off the Bluetooth and see what happens – it’s not ideal but may help.


  4. brian Stodel
    Apr 17 2018

    Why all the negative with having to charge it every day…so what you still have a great phone to use and the price is excellent who needs a pc to hold in their hand?



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