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May 13, 2017

Nina Queen Charms for Pandora and other bracelets

by GFR2

Nina Queen Bracelet Charms
I’ve not been one for reviewing jewellery that much as a couple of items I had been asked to review in the past were little more than basic costume jewellery and didn’t in most cases warrant a review.  I was asked to review some charms from NinaQueen and thought I’d take a chance and I’m glad I did.

Everyone and their neighbour has heard of Pandora and many people have them, yes they are well made and look good but they are quite costly and in recent years their prices seem to have increased and in a couple of charms the level of detail has decreased.

There are alternatives available and most have heard of names such as Chamilia charms and Warren James charms.  The Chamilia have a very Pandora style detail and also a Pandora price tag, the Warren James options are OK but their selling point is budget, very good for the money.

So where do these fit in?  Simple, NinaQueen charms are as good (and in some cases better) than Pandora charms but their price tag would have you believing otherwise!  These are around £22 each on Amazon and believe me they are more than worth the price, so mich so that I will be buying more myself as gifts because they are that good.

The base metal is silver (hallmarked 925 too) with varying levels of detail and design (as seen on the small selection in my photo), the photo hardly do these charms justice – they sparkle so well in the light, the elephant with its vibrate colours is the stand out centre piece of the small collection my wife has but its the attention to detail that amazes me.  Some of the charms in the picture contain delicate crystals, each one is perfectly placed, evenly spaced and look identical now considering these are in a small charm its almost a piece of artwork.

Each charm comes in its own presentation box complete with polishing cloth, its not the same charm in a box in a bag Pandora style presentation but with Pandora you’ll be paying for that packaging!

A highly recommended collection of charms that will equal or better most of the charms you can get from Pandora but at a fraction of the price!

For a full list of items available from NinaQueen, please click here NinaQueen Store

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