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May 14, 2017

Dormeo Options Hybrid Mattress

by GFR2

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away I was unlucky enough to be a passenger involved in 2 car accidents in a short space of time, ever since then I find sleep difficult, even worse if my shoulder or knee is playing up.

In that time I’ve slept on a number of mattresses, my choice were normally the memory foam types from Ikea but these were shallow and more often than not only lasted a couple of years before if needed replacing.  2 years ago I replaced my last Ikea mattress with a silent night 5 zone foam based mattress which seemed to be quite good but circumstances changed and whilst waiting for a house to be built we moved and changed beds – good but bad, the new bed destroyed the mattress as it went from a wooden sprung mattress slat base to a metal pole base where the poles were about 5 inches apart and less than 1 inch thick, this caused the foam to break down and the mattress to snap.

After spending a fair amount of time looking for new mattresses and changing the base to be a standard wood slat base I came across an offer in Costco for the Dormeo mattress – £169 for a Kingsize including delivery.

A few reviews online are short and sharp but prove promising, the Dormeo website listed it at £599 and also had a few good reviews but nothing substantial.

So I’ve taken a chance and bought one, this is me some 4 weeks later now reviewing the first 4 weeks of use.

It was delivered in a 5 foot long box with a rolled and vacuum sealed mattress contained within, opening was easy enough and I placed the rolled mattress on the bed before opening the vacuum seal and I’m glad I did as once that unrolled and started to gain shape I know I would have struggled otherwise! (Its quite heavy at 42kg, but unroll it and the size/bulk means its not that easy to throw around).

Left it for a couple of hours before adding the fitted bedsheet, which oddly enough fits but its not designed for that size, its the Ikea Euro double fitted sheet but fits perfectly!

Sitting on the edge just felt like any other mattress including the old one so I was wondering what had I bought, but once in bed and lying down it becomes a whole different thing.  Classed as a medium/firm mattress it is soft yet supportive and not as harsh as previous foam based mattresses I’ve had.

My sleeping has improved, yes I’m still waking every few hours but when the alarm, does go off in the morning it does feel like the quality of sleep is better, that coupled with less neck pain when waking up does lead me to believe that its doing something my old mattress wasn’t.

Now to give it a few months and see what happens.

Update June 2017

So here we are some 6 weeks later and many nights of better quality sleep, this mattress does what its advertised to do!  Its more supportive which means less moving around, less pain which for me is less waking up and more quality sleep.  Yes its only 6 weeks but so far its making a huge difference.

Update November 2017

It’s been a while, lots of sleeping and how has it been? Still as good as June and still comfortable & supportive, I’m glad I bought this mattress.

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