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May 27, 2017 – Tshirts (tees) with style (and geekiness!)

by GFR2

Yes I’m a geek, I work in IT and have done for over 20 years, I also enjoy many (but not all) of the associated IT geek type related things except that I do go outside and see the big flaming ball of fire in the sky so I’m not a small pasty IT hobbit – more of a Shrek type character.

Anyway, a recent trip to see friends in Germany and we were talking geek stuff and during thr conversation I was asked if I’d ever heard of qwertee tshirts and to the shock of my friends I said No.  Out came my phone and I jumped on the line (gotta love The Internship) to have a look at said website and straight away I found a way to spend all my hard earned IT money on more geek related stuff (yes I have lots of geek stuff in my house).

I signed up to their mailing list which is a very clever marketing tool they use, each daily email contains a unique code to save money on their tshirts of the day so is encourages you to sign up cause we all like to save money.

Now I’ve always been wary of buying clothes from the internet, you don’t get to see and feel what you are buying so unless I’ve bought from a shop before I tend to avoid it.  A couple of weeks went past and although I liked some of the daily offers nothing really jumped out, until the image above appeared in an email.  Its Star Wars and as such its automatically geek cool, combined with the syle of the starry night and it works well.

Back on the line, code entered, tshirt ordered and waiting……in the same time it took the falcon to do the kessel run the tshirt was printed and sent to me (including a small and tasty pack of haribo).  Being a Shrek type character I had to select the XXL tshirt (more for length) and I’m glad to say the sizing was spot on, even after washing its retained its size (unlike some fruit of the loom tshirts I’ve had in the past).

It doesn’t feel cheap and the printing is very good, I was expecting a dodgy iron on style print job to get the level of detail in the picture but no, this is direct printing which means it should wear and wash well (hopefully better than the Disney Tshirt I have, all the emotions of a Stormtrooper but it suffers in the wash and is fading fast….).

The only issue I have, now I know they are good I may end up buying more!

Head over to Qwertee to see their current tees of the day, don’t forget to sign up to their newsletters for money off codes.

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