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June 10, 2017

Brodit In Car Device Holder – helps safer driving

by GFR2

There are loads of gadgets available for use in your car, some of these come with their own mounts which are quite generic in their mounting options such as glass suckers.  Then there are the holders that claim to fit most devices and either again use window suckers or air vent clips – the latter being fiddly and for a lot of cars now they aren’t that practical due to thinner plastic being used on vents.

A few years ago my Dad bought a new Ford Escort (so yes a fair few years ago) but it came with a fully fitted mobile phone holder that matched the dashboard.  When I had my own car I searched for such holders as after market options and yes I was an early adoptor of a mobile phone (my first was a Phillips Fizz, a huge brick of a phone but still mobile) but there was very little in the market in terms of holders.

Fast forward a few years to 2005 where I was fed up of having my phone rattle around in my Mondeo and again I went searching but this time I stumbled upon Brodit.

Brodit mounts are essentially a 2 part mount, the first section is bespoke to your make/model of vehicle and in many cases have a variety of mounting locations as shown.  For this example I’m using the options available for my current car, a Dacia Sandero Stepway.

Mount options –

Each mount comes with a full set of installation instructions and photos from the actual model its designed for.  For the centre console option it looks as so

The next part of the mount is device specific which means should you change phones you only need to buy a new holder, if you change cars you just buy a new mount.

Each holder is designed to fit your phone, not a generic holder but an actual fitted holder.  Again supplied with a full set of instructions and pictures (also available online).

The mount below is one mount I have for my iPhone 6S Plus, its adjustable to allow for no case or for cases of varying thickness.

There are also options for built in power connections (hardwired or 12V cigarette socket) so you can charge your phone on the go.

There are also mounts for SatNav, tablets, DVD screens and plenty of accessories for everything in between.

I’ve used Brodit holders in every car I’ve had since finding them back in 2005 and everyone has been the same quality, with an excellent fit in every vehicle and once I even managed to modify one holder to fit my new phone.

Now the only thing you will find is they cost more, yes you can go to Halfords, Amazon or Tesco and find a generic mount for under £10 but you pay for what you get – its generic with at times questionable build quality.  But if you spend more and invest in the Brodit mounts you won’t be disappointed.  As a cost example the mount and holder cost me just over £40, compare this to the cost of your car and its very little, its also a lot cheaper than the maximum £1000 fine and 6 points for using your mobile phone whilst holding it.

For a current listing of mounts and holders, go to

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