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July 22, 2017


Gadget of the Week – JML Chillmax Pillow

by GFR2

20170722_171003333_iOSIt’s the summer in the UK, how can we tell?  Well the rain is warmer and sometimes the sun actually shines!  But with rain and sun comes humidity and with humidity comes heavy, sticky, sleepless nights.  I may be shrek like and find that beauty sleep doesn’t do much, but Ogre sleep does make me less grumpy!

A previous gadget of the week is my Prem-i-Air fan, which is great at cooling things down, but even it struggles when its humid and I still feel uncomfortable.  Couple this with a long-standing disability that causes swelling which is worse when the weather is warm and you are looking at long nights where sleep seems impossible.  A frozen gel pack helps but due to the size you have to position it accurately for it to be effective.

My wife saw this Chillmax pillow from JML advertised on TV and thought for £9.99 it was worth a try so got hold of one for me.

20170722_171011261_iOSThe pillow is a pretty simple thing, a gel filled blue pouch that you can either lie on directly or insert into your pillow case – for me it’s better on top of the pillow as I found it would slip and bunch in the night if in the pillow case.

Now for the geeky bit…..

This isn’t actually cool, it’s room temperature (unless you place it in a fridge for extra cooling) but it’s clever.

It works by absorbing your body heat and producing a cooling effect which makes it feel cold but it’s actually not – the initial cooling effect then drops over time as it absorbs more heat and actually becomes the same temperature as your body at which point the cooling effect stops.

You may have noticed this with other objects, such as your pillow at night – it feels cool when you first put your head on it but within a few minutes it’s warm, that’s the heat transfer, but with the gel pillow the gel is more efficient at that heat transfer and takes longer for it to heat up to your body temperature.

For me this cooling effect helps me get to sleep and generally a couple of hours later when I wake up (Which is something I do because of the disability) I might move it off the pillow and let it cool down to room temperature whilst I have my next chunk of sleep.  Then once it’s temperature has dropped down, the cooling effect is reset.

So yes, it works and it works very well – The cooling effect does help reduce the swelling in my neck and shoulders and it helps me get to sleep better than the icepack option.  I’ve also used the icepack option with the Chillmax pillow and had a very good Ogre nights sleep!

JML Direct –

JML Chillmax Pillow – Chillmax Pillow

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  1. Karen Clydesdale
    Mar 20 2018

    Could you please explain more about the ice pack option that you mentioned above. thank you


    • Mar 20 2018

      I used a gel icepack in addition to the Chillmax pillow, it provided a longer cooling effect as the pillow didn’t need to absorb so much heat from me as the icepack had cooled me down. It also works well if you place the chillmax in the freezer for about 30 minutes prior to use, but be warned, it will be very cold!


      • Karen Clydesdale
        Mar 22 2018

        Thank you very much for your help, I bought the chillmax for my mum who is currently in a very hot hospital ward and it isnt behaving like the one I have at home, it fact it really isnt working at all.

        Thank you for taking the time in writing.



        • Mar 22 2018

          Don’t forget though it works based on ambient temperature and the transfer of heat, so if room temp is 20C and you are 37C you’ll notice it’s effect more than if room temp was 25C and you are the same 37C.


          • Karen Clydesdale
            Mar 22 2018

            Thank you it seems she will benefit more from it when she’s at home with normal room temps. I’m sure they keep hospitals far too hot here


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