20170616_172936212_iOSIts been a very busy and hectic year, which considering we were married last summer is odd as they year before the wedding was exceptionally busy! (which is to be expected).

Anyways, we are currently saving like crazy for our first house which we are told should be available to place a deposit on sometime in September – So that’s some good news, of course saving for a house does pretty much take all your spare cash and also meant for us that we actually postponed our honeymoon last year until 2018, but due to the delay in the house it’s now been pushed back a year until 2019 – but a (hidden) benefit of that is Star Wars land should be opened when we get to Disney in 2019!

So, this past week saw us celebrate the first year of our marriage and with me having 2 weeks off work we’ve decided to do some things we’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time and also won’t cost the earth.

Food – yep, food!  It would be rude to celebrate an anniversary without a meal, and for a long time we’d been wanting to pay a visit to Mount Fuji’s Japanese Restaurant in St Davids Centre, Cardiff.

We took the trip down to Cardiff, didn’t want to wait in the queue of cars wanting to park in St Davids so parked in the open air car park a quick 5 minute walk away – or what feels like a trek when it’s raining!

Into Mount Fujis we went (slightly wet), greeted and shown to a table of our choice – We opted for the comfy looking booth as I find that sitting on a wooden chair can cause my back some discomfort.

We had a look at the menu and within seconds I pretty much wanted the whole menu, but had to settle for only the 1 thing.  My wife is a veggie and whilst reading the menu we did get a little confused about the wording so asked the very helpful waiter (I think he had a slight American accent, but actually reminded me a little of the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman) and he explained the menu items.

ramune-yuzuWe placed our order and started chatting about what else to do that day, a couple of minutes later and our drinks had arrived – now mine was a pretty simple J2O, but my wife picked a Yazu flavoured Ramune, which apart from being very refreshing was also in a funky glass bottle.  You had to punch the marble out of the neck of the bottle as it acted like a stopper, the bottle also looked a little like one of the crystal aliens from the last Indiana Jones film.

By the time we had finished playing with the bottle and tasting said drink, we looked up and our food had arrived – yep, it was that quick!

As a child I spent 3 years of my life in Hong Kong and I developed a taste for Asian food (in fact Chow Mein is my favourite food, simple but so good and easy to make) so was really looking forward to my choice (Chicken Yakisoba) and my Wife was looking forward to her Tofu Bento.

Don’t let the picture of the Yakisoba make you think it’s a tiny portion, the shot is misleading!

Both of us fully enjoyed our meals, the restaurant and the staff – we had a good old chat with the waiter about various things including my new tattoo and symbology in language!

Of course this was part of our anniversary day and was an excellent meal, but we’ll be going back to sample more of the menu – I spotted a few bentos I’d like to try and also the Matcha Chiffon Cake.

Mount Fuji St Davids, Cardiff – http://www.mountfuji.co.uk/cardiff/