Its been a week since my last tattoo and the itching has started, that annoying I really want to scratch my skin off itch that I always get after a tattoo. I know the usual thing of keeping it clean and moisturised but the itch is here….

It’s not a massive tattoo but it is on the underside of my left arm which makes sleeping a pain as I can’t tuck my arm under the pillow which means I have no-where to rest my arm that doesn’t feel strange – mind you speaking of strange, I’m right-handed and as I said this ink is on my left wrist, so my iWatch has a temporary new home on my right wrist, but for the past week now everything feels back to front with my left and right hands as though they have been swapped over!

That still isn’t as annoying as this itch, so this time I’m going to try something slightly different with the after-care and see how it works.

img_0236Normally I apply E45 lotion to the tattoo every few hours and that does kill the itch, but it soon comes back.  This time I’ve swapped to E45 Intense Recovery Lotion during the day and before bed a thin layer of Bepanthen.  I’ve not been a fan of Bepanthen during the day as I’ve found it to be quite sticky, which on upper arm tattoos just becomes a mess.

The next few days will tell if this new approach works!

And for those wondering, my tattoos are done by Jay in Cardiff Ink, he is responsible for all my tattoos since 2008 including correcting another parlour’s poor work and even refreshing my first ever tattoo which was done back in 1998 whilst at uni.

Cardiff Ink –