lbookcoverSo it's your first anniversary, you've survived a whole 365 days of married life together with hopefully no attempted murder and its that time when you want to show your love with the 1st anniversary present – but what to get?

Had things been on track, then our first anniversary would have been very paper based – a mortgage on a new house, but said house is still only some footings and lots of mud so that wasn't possible!

img_0239Instead of that paper I needed to get something else that was paper based, somehow (and I don't know where) I stumbled upon Lovebook – a fully customisable gift book, and made of paper!  You pick the design, edit the characters and can select from a huge selection of pre-created pages (which you can edit) or even create your own pages.

It took a while but I added a fair few pages, changed the characters to represent my stubbly, glasses wearing Shrek like look and also the beauty that is my wife (think Princess Fiona in human form), I also edited many of the pages to show text that I wanted rather than the default – ordered and then delivered in less than 10 days!

But that wasn't all, my wife loves shoes, she has around 3 billion pairs which apparently have hundreds of different styles and are not just shoes (she had a shoe wall in our last house!) – personally I own about 6 pairs of shoes which fit into the category of boots, shoes and trainers, pretty much all functional.

img_0238But last year I discovered a certain brand of footwear that she loves, fit her perfectly and make her have the biggest smile ever – Irregular Choice (plus I remember the name so that's a bonus). Now she already had 3 pairs and keeps posting pictures on Facebook (maybe a hint) of different styles and types, so I went looking for a pair of Cat Boots and luckily found a pair as everywhere was out of stock. Yep, she opened them and the big smile soon appeared!

scratch-map-deluxe-travelOf course she also had a plan (after all who doesn't, even the Cylons in BSG had a plan) and she had also looked at Lovebook but decided upon a 2 part present (technically more) so on our anniversary first thing in the morning I opened up a tube-shaped present to find…..yep, a tube! But within that tube was a deluxe scratch map of the world, so it can be suitably framed and scratched off where we have been and when we go through our bucket list of holidays (we thought a big holiday every few years rather than a smaller holiday each year) we can then scratch off those locations too. The first being the postponed Disney honeymoon in 2019.

20170726_170547512_iOSAnd the second part? Well after our meal in Mount Fuji, we went for a walk and ended up in the Warhammer shop where I was spoilt with a couple of models to build and a selection of paints. I know, I build model kits – but everyone has to have a hobby!

Lovebook -