seafoodLast week we had our 1st Anniversary and enjoyed a lovely meal at Mount Fuji, on the way past the Warhammer shop we saw a sign in the middle of the path for something called SeaFood Shack and upon this sign we saw a menu, a menu of seafood goodness….

A quick scan of the menu turned into a deeper read of the menu, and we liked what we saw, so we decided to treat ourselves and visit for our 2nd, 1st anniversary meal!

So later last week I jumped online and booked a table for today, I was a little concerned that I didn’t receive an email or text confirmation but a quick message on their Facebook page and I confirm that our booking had been made.

The next few days were spent looking at the menu and deciding what to eat, now I’m pretty easy, I like food (except brocoli, cauliflower, swede, turnip, fatty meat and Marmite – I mean who on earth can eat brown goop?), my wife however follows a Pescetarian diet, that is she won’t eat Babe or Miss Piggy but is happy to eat Nemo or Dory with her veggies.  This is one of the few menus where she had a massive choice!

Cosmo and Coke

Anyway, back to today – we arrived on time (When it rains in Cardiff, everyone appears to want to park in St Davids!) and had our choice of seats, so picked a nice corner in the top end of the restaurant.  We chose our drinks and then decided to have another look at the menu (even though we had pretty much already picked what we wanted).

Our drinks arrived (Cosmopolitan for the Lady and a coke for me) and we, not surprisingly went for what we’d picked – but as I’d looked at the menu again I spotted Deep Fried Dill Pickles, something I had only been introduced to a couple of months ago in another restaurant and loved them, so it was rude not to try these ones too!

A short time later………..(not much time, especially when you are enjoying yourself) our food arrived, and what a spread it was – almost too much for the table!

A very full table of food!

And now we eat……and it was amazing, even if I was making an utter mess eating my Po’ Boy (and I had to resort to using a knife and fork as I manged to squish things everywhere!).  The Po’ Boy had loads of flavour, but not in your face, everything worked together and each mouthful was different.  The coleslaw was crunchy with a good taste that complimented the fish and the chips – guys, these chips are the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant, ever….. my only regret was not being able to finish them because of the amount of food!

The pickles – mine, all mine, didn’t share these at all – These with the dip were great and better than the ones I had the other month, a more subtle pickle flavour.

And even though I didn’t share my pickles, I did share my Po’Boy and my wife did share her lobster with me.  We’ve both had lobster a few times before (in fact I introduced her to lobster on a trip to North Berwick in Scotland a few years ago, freshly caught that day and served on the harbour side) and we agreed that the lobster from Seafood Shack equaled that in North Berwick but the chips (again, amazing chips guys) beat the North Berwick chips hands down!

Of course all this eating did make my wife thirsty and she had soon finished her Cosmo so ordered a Mojito – a few minutes later we were told there would be a slight delay in the Mojito as they had run out of mint, but not to worry as they had sent someone out to get some more – I’ve never been to a restaurant with that level of service, other places would just say it wasn’t available and would you like a different drink.

So for our 2nd, 1st Anniversary meal we made the right choice, the best seafood we’ve both had in a very long time and we’ll be coming back for sure!  Oh and if I haven’t said it already, awesome chips guys!

I was also told about an Oyster and Champagne bar opening upstairs and also a roof terrace, yep we’ll be back…. (in a non Terminator way).

Seafood Shack, Cardiff –

Facebook –

Website –

What we ate –

1/2 a Whole Cooked lobster, with side salad, home cut chips and Garlic and Herb butter.

Loaded Po’Boy – Dressed Crayfish in Shack Creole Mayo, battered cod goujons, mixed leaves with home cut chips.

Deep Fried Dill Pickles