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August 3, 2017

Pitaka Phone Case – Slimline protection

by GFR2

handcaseSo you’ve spent loads of money on your new mobile phone (either outright or via your monthly phone bill), it has the latest super mega hard gorilla diamond glass and ultra space age black-hole military grade aluminium and then one day you have an argument with gravity and unfortunately test Newton’s laws of motion for yourself.

Gravity will probably win which means your new phone won’t come off well.

I’ve had quite a few cases, including the failed Apple case (review here) and each brand has something different about them, but something they all have in common is the amount of bulk they add to your phone – You didn’t buy a slim phone to then double its size in order to protect it, if you wanted a phone to last forever, you’d buy a retro Nokia!

Pitaka asked me to review their case for the iPhone 7, which considering I already had a Pitaka case for my iPhone 6S+ (hopefully I can upgrade this year to the 7S+ or 8+ depending on what they call it) I was happy to do.

backcaseNot much has changed in the design of the case, still super slim, still flexible but strong (think Kevlar meets carbon fibre) and still providing access to your buttons, speakers and power but with a slight addition which mine is missing – an additional protection ring around the lens area as shown in the picture.

The case still retains its smooth finish but t the same time a background texture which provides plenty of grip –  This has saved me dropping my phone a couple of times!

The cost, you’ll be looking around £30 for your case which might sound a lot but look at the logic, an Apple case starts at £35 for a silicon case (which feels tacky to the touch and needs constant cleaning) and their closest equivalent to this is their Evutec Karbon case which is £49.95.  You can also buy cheaper cases and could pick up a half decent case for £10-£20 but it won’t be as slim as the Pitaka.

The Pitaka case also comes with a screen protector, and if you’ve ever tested Newton’s laws (such as my little ewok friend did) you know how much of a benefit this is.

So yes, it’s £30, but this £30 will protect your screen and phone and could save you the cost of a replacement device or a recon from Apple.

Pitaka Website –

Pitaka Cases on Amazon* –

Apple Cases – Apple Cases

* indicates Affiliate link

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