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August 4, 2017

If I were a rich man…..

by GFR2


You hear stories all the time of how lottery winners have spent all their money, how money doesn’t make you happy (although a recent study shows that money = more time and more time can make you happy) and I’ve always wondered what would happen if the giant National Lottery finger picked me and I became on overnight millionaire?

To clear up anything before we go any further, I’ve not won, I’ve been playing since the lottery started in 1994 and have not won anything more than £130 – if the winner was someone who could incorrectly guess the winning numbers then I’d be rich!

So as you can imagine I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I’d spend my money on and what I’d do with my time, and I’d agree with the study – more free time would make me happier.

img_0244We’d start with the obvious, pay of any debts, not have to take out a mortgage and just buy a house outright, replace my tired Dacia puddle-jumper and bring forward our postponed honeymoon to Disney.

img_0245Then the forward thinking part of me kicks in, stick a massive chunk in the bank (say £600,000) and from that transfer the equivalent of a monthly wage each month, what would this do?


  • Well, I wouldn’t have to work and could become an IT Consultant and decide if and when I wanted to work.
  • I could return to university and actually finish my degree but also take all my experience to the course, actual real world IT experience and not whats in a book.
  • I’d be able to spend time building all the little things my wife would like in her primary school classroom, and fix the things that get broken.
  • I could even look after myself some more, get a bit fitter, relax more and hopefully get healthier.
  • I would be able to write more blogs, like this one, or review my tech on my other blog.

But most importantly, hopefully I’d be able to enjoy more of what life has to offer, learn much more than I already know and experience so much of the world that requires time (and in some cases money).


Of course this is just a dream as lady luck only occasionally winks at me! And yet after 23 years of playing I’m still doing it (just lotto) hoping the dream might come true.

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