Its been a busy weekend, well actually a busy couple of weeks! My two weeks of holidays seems to have flown by, but it was a good two weeks with plenty of food, family, our first anniversary, more food, plenty of presents, a new blog site (yep, this one!), a birthday and plenty of building/making of things.


We started the two weeks with a new tattoo (which is healing well), had a great meal in Mount Fuji for our 1st Anniversary and spoiled each other with presents.


Behind the Geek

Behind the Geek was born after realising that I actually enjoy this and was wanting to write more, its first week was a shock with the number of visitors – hopefully I can continue to provide a smile to people's faces when they read my collection of words randomly thrown together!

My sister and nephew came to stay, I became the human climbing frame who stole his knees (well he is only 3), ate the all you can eat buffet at Pizzahut and watched Cars 3 – he watched bits, ate popcorn and even shared some of his popcorn with the floor!

Wrote a few blogs on my other site, and have been sent more gadgets to review for that.

seafoodshackHad an amazing meal in Cardiff at the Seafood Shack (with the best chips) and can't wait to go back and eat my way through their menu, a huge choice and so good.



Fired up the indoor pizza oven because the weather was too changeable to fire up the outdoor one, at the same time I discovered a very nice cider – Jack Daniels Cider, that unmistakable taste of JD in an ice-cold cider.

stitchmeupCelebrated my Dad's birthday with a meal out and a few presents including a t-shirt that put a huge smile on his face – a custom-made tee from my friends over at Stitch Me Up.


20170805_190302461_iOSAnd some building, for me the having a play with a Tamiya tank so I can get some weathering techniques done before attacking my anniversary presents (Warhammer 40,000 models).  My wife has been making cork characters to use in her classroom, she had to drink lots of Prosecco to make sure she had enough corks, and some extra for spares!