Earlier I was looking at photos and came across a collection from a few years ago and thought I’d share the story.

Each year in work we have a best dressed office, we haven’t won for some years but back in 2006 we built a Robot Santa, it won that year! Of course it was just a guy in an old HP printer box that I’d sprayed up, added another box for the head and threw in some basic electronics and strapped a laptop to his chest but it was fun.

Jump to the year 2013 and technology had changed so I decided to make an improved version! (I won’t use the phrase new and improved as I think it’s a misleading use of words, new is something that hasn’t existed before and improved means to make an existing thing better……so how can you have new and improved?)

I had a basic plan in my head and there were plenty of bits around the office so it was construction time, now being a very busy person I came in early before work and spent my lunchtimes building the MKII.

Step 1 and 2 were pretty easy, a basic mount and something that will become the face – nothing says face like a huge monitor.

Step 3 was the fake brain, the real brain would be mounted on the rear but I needed to make this look the part.

Step 4 were some arms, made from some spare aluminium I had at home, a couple of brackets and a two cisco cable management arms.

Step 5 required a hat, so it started to look Santa esq.

Step 6 and 7 were clothing based, MKII Santa was starting to come alive!

Step 8 was a human interface device, also known as a keyboard – but functional!

Step 9 is a beard, it’s not Santa without a beard!

Step 10 – Boot up programme time, based on the fact that we didn’t win the competition I think I should have gone for option 2…..

And the finished Robot Santa MKII



And that was Christmas 2013 – Not quite the rise of the machines but still fun to build!