Odd title I know, but odd things need odd titles so here we are. This post will contain some silliness, some soap and something else, something that not many people know and may even be shocked to learn.

So first the soap……

img_0263OK, so maybe this comes under both silly and soap, but its more soap related! Who invented the soap dispenser to leave a load of soap at the bottom that the straw and pump will not pick up no matter what angle you hold it or how hard you pump it? Now there are 2 obvious solutions to this –


  1. Collect all the spare soap liquids and transfer to one soap dispenser – this makes an interesting smell which is a mix of everything you’ve bought, which includes the sweet based ones.
  2. Redesign the container so all the soap pools into a dip, and then make the straw on the pump sit in this dip – you’d waste a lot less soap!

So that was the soap, what is the silly?

tightsThe company on Amazon wanting to send me a free pair of tights to replace the pair that broke within hours of use, the funny thing is my review clearly states they were for my wife, but the wording of the emails is how they didn’t meet my expectations and would I accept a replacement, which they would send me for free! In all fairness I don’t think I have the figure so I’ll stick to my combats.

And the final thing?

Lets talk pain, and I don’t mean the enjoyable type often given by a whip or chains.

img_026412 years ago I was a passenger involved in a car accident, one which meant I was off work for over 3 months, constant neck pain and unbearable shoulder pain which were only eased by huge amounts of painkillers. The problem is the painkillers would make me lose track mid sentence and I would either stop or walk off…..

But time progressed and the pain started to die down somewhat, until 9 months after the car accident when I was again a passenger involved in another car accident – press the reset button for the pain and painkillers, but this time I forced myself to cope and due to the reaction the previous year I didn’t feel I could take time off work to recover.

Over the last 12 years I’ve tried lots of things to relieve the pain, but nothing has worked, only taken the edge off or provided a limited amount of relief. Consultants have told me I’ll be in pain for the rest of my life and there is not much I can do about it – which considering after the accident I was initially told 12-18 months is quite a change in life.

But what does this mean for me?

Well I’m in pain pretty much all day everyday, the amount varies, my neck swells up which causes tension headaches and becomes very stiff and tight – various painkillers and anti-inflammatories do help, but with those I also have to take pills so they don’t cause stomach issues.

My sleep has been disturbed since this, if I have a good night I’ll sleep for about 2 hours and wake up and do this several times, on a bad night I’ll struggle to get to sleep and I’ll wake far too easily, maybe even every 30 to 60 minutes. This makes me at times grumpy, some might say how can they tell, simple – did you know me 12 years ago?

When things hurt and are swollen it makes general life less pleasant, sitting is comfortable for a while then I have to move position or get up – not always easy to do. I try not to take the pills as often as prescribed, I don’t want to be reliant on them but the other day it hit me, I’ve been on pills for 12 years.

It gets a little worse though, because of the pain I’ve compensated with walking, standing etc and now that s starting to show on other joints – my left knee is now a trouble area, it randomly gives way when bending and is often very painful, walking is fine for a short distance but the more I walk, the quicker and stronger the pain. Driving is generally OK, but rush-hour can be a killer, stuck in slow-moving traffic where my left knee is having a battering from using the clutch. Mind you, the painkillers do help the knee a lot more than the neck and shoulder!

I have, however tried not to let it get in the way of my life – at times it does and many people will probably say I hide it well, but I know that someday soon I won’t be able to continue hiding it.

So thinking about it, should I get the free replacement tights?  they may be slimming for my figure…..