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August 15, 2017


WERO Apple Watch desktop stand

by GFR2

20170624_172531413_iOSI’ve had my Apple watch a year now and love it, but something I’ve not liked is just placing it on my bedside table to charge, it feels wrong – it needs something better, something to hold it and make Nightstand mode useful.

I’ve been sent a couple of Wero stands and asked to review them, this is the first.

A simple silicon stand with a slot in the back to hold the charger (charger isn’t supplied), there are quite a few on the market that pretty much look the same but this one from Wero is different – it’s a classic 1990s Mac design!

Pop your watch in and memories of this iconic device will come flooding back, of course your Apple watch is vastly superior to this piece of history but for nostalgia it’s a smart little holder.

But why use a stand? Apart from the look, it’s also easier to use the Nightstand mode, which as you can see in the photo gives you a pretty basic clock face regardless of your normal display. The display will shut off after a few seconds but can be woken by gently tapping the watch or by being a dunce and hitting your head on the table – both options work well, the latter being the more painful option though. Plus its harder to knock it off the table when you awake in the early hours in a zombie like state!

The Wero stand is available in 3 colours at £7.99 each (Prime delivery is available) –

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