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August 20, 2017


Portable Photo Studio Kit

by GFR2

photostudioI’ve been looking around for a while for some sort of portable studio to enable me to take photos for my blogs, some things photo well with a normal backdrop, but for other things you need to be able to isolate it and just focus on the subject.

After much looking around I found this on Amazon for £35 including Prime delivery.

So what is it?

Simply put a folding collection of panels that form a simple box, with assorted coloured backdrops, a camera tripod and 2 LED Spotlights (2800K colour temp – warm white).  When erected it measures 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

The main box folds up and is self-contained, fold it up and it’s down to 50cm x 50cm x 3cm – pretty easy for transporting or storing away.

The tripod can be dismantled for storing and the LED lights also have a neat little feature that means the legs can be hidden in the main body.

Using it.

Set it up (takes seconds), add your backdrop, plug the lights in and mount the camera on the stand.

Main box – No issues here, velcro to stick the sides on, easy to fold out.

Backdrop – 2 sided for each, a smooth felt side and a woven side – these need ironing to get the creases out!  Dust on the black felt also shows up very easily, but fixed with a lint roller.

LED Lights – Very good level of light, I’ve used them from the side and on top.  I’ve also used them for other things as they do produce a good level of directed light, perfect for hobbyists too.

Camera Mount – Well it can’t be all good!  The mount although appearing to be well made does have a couple of flaws.  The adjustable head only tilts one way, but not the right way based on the feet layout. (eg sliding the feet under the backdrop).  It works well with a small digital camera but my DSLR is far too heavy for it, making it feel very unstable.


This was taken using the black backdrop, as you can see it really highlights the product and shows up its detail as there is no background distraction (except the un-ironed backdrop!)


This example shows why you need to make sure the felt side is spotless, dust shows up quite well!

As you can see, the woven side gives a different effect, as do the colour options – same subject, different backdrops.

Apart from the poor camera mount, the rest of the kit works very well, especially for the price.  The added bonus of being able to use the lights for other things makes this an even better value kit, the only thing that gets me is why there are 2 switches on the lights, one on the cord and one of the lamp head!

The kit is available on Amazon here –

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  1. lyliarose
    Aug 20 2017

    I’ve always wondered about buying a pop up light box for small items



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