GFR2 ReviewsA couple of years ago I started my other blog, you know the one and things started out slowly, then I stopped focusing on it because I was being sent products from Amazon to review – Some good, some OK and some just awful!  TomTom asked me to review a product of theirs and then Amazon changed their rules on reviews, which gave me a kick that I needed.

The Amazon reviews meant I got lazy and wasn’t spending my time looking after my site, writing decent reviews or even promoting it – traffic was low.

At the point Amazon changed their review policy I knew I had to bring life back to my site so I created social media accounts, linked everything up and started doing what I cared about, writing reviews and adding in some extra blogs.

I set myself a goal, to reach 10,000 visitors by the end of 2017 – An ambitious goal I thought.

The stats started to creep up and before I knew it I had hit 10,000 visitors – to be honest I actually missed it, but last night I hit another milestone of 15,000 visitors.  My Twitter following is slowly increasing as is my Instagram, small steps I think, but I’d like to hit 20,000 visitors by the end of the year.  Possible? Maybe, but I need to find more tech and gadgets to review.

cropped-bhtgimage.jpgThen 3 weeks ago I created this little blog, a personal thing for me to write anything that I fancy to be honest, everything that is except Tech and Gadget reviews – They will remain exclusively on

What I didn’t expect in the last 3 weeks was the level of interest in this blog, I’m just shy of 700 visitors already, both my twitter and instagram have more followers than gfr2reviews.  This may be down to the type of posts, so far I have covered a few different subjects including my love of food, tattoos and their meanings, my hearing, my constant pain and of course the more geeky model kit making.

I don’t think I’m a particularly skilled writer, I just write the words that come into my head and they seem to make sense, well sense to me anyway!

I hope that people reading both blogs find them useful, fun, interesting, sleep inducing or can even take something away from them, of course if this isn’t the case then it’s still all good and I’m just happy you’ve stumbled upon my little section of the interweb!