20170616_172936212_iOSQuite a few people over the past year have asked about the Haribo Heart in the ring box, it’s actually one of those wedding day stories that you couldn’t plan and just happened.

I had 3 best men at the wedding, my Dad the writer of the speech, Nick the protector of all and Caelan the ring bearer.

Caelan, who was only 2 at the time was obviously a little young to hold the rings so the plan was the ring box would be passed to him when the time called for it and he’d give them to us.

Of course as with most 2 year olds, sitting still wasn’t really an option and a little blackmail was needed – in this case a small bag of Haribos.

The time came in the ceremony for the ring bearer to pass the rings and the box was handed across but instead of giving my bride the ring box, he took a Haribo Heart out of his pack of sweets and gave her that instead!

Unplanned, unexpected but heart stopping none the less – the rings have never been placed back in the box, but that’s OK as the ring box contains that Haribo Heart.