Sweets for everyone!  We all love sweets, well most of us do – Apparently Willy Wonka’s Dad didn’t like sweets so threw them in the fireplace which of course prompted Willy Wonka to make sweets (according to the Johnny Depp version of the story).

Maybe the owners of Handy Candy had the same thing and their parents threw their sweets away too?


But back to the sweets!

threenetworkMy phone is on the 3 network and some of you will like this and some of you will dislike this, but with 3 comes Wuntu – An app with offers just for us 3 customers (A bit like the O2 Priority App but with offers you can actually redeem!).

wuntuTwice now this year I’ve claimed some free sweets from Handy Candy through the Wuntu app, earlier in the year an Emergency chocolate kit and now a tub of Vintage sweets.

Now these were both free so you’d think it would be a chocolate bar and a small handful of sweets yeah?  Wrong!

The Emergency Chocolate bar kit was a selection of 9 full-sized chocolate bars (Cadburys and Nestle) which I’m sorry to say although were excellent also didn’t last more than 2 days – Yep, I like chocolate!

HandCandySweetJarAnd now we have a huge tub of Summertime Vintage Sweets, a massive selection of Sherbet Fruits, Strawberry & Cream, Orange & Lemon and Lime & Soda boiled sweets.  Of course this massive tub is going to work with me, not for me to share, but for me to enjoy slowly during the day and to tease others with!

The good thing is I’ve found myself a decent company that I can order huge quantities of sweets and chocolates from for others or just get myself one of the chocolate hampers, hide it at home and slowly turn into Augustus Gloop, well actually not really, I don’t think I could match him bar for bar!

Lots of chocolates and sweets! – https://www.handycandy.co.uk/