Ratings are everything for TV shows but what we consider high viewing figures here in the UK don’t translate to high figures in the US and because of that various TV shows get cancelled far too early.

Here are 5 of those shows that I think should have been given a longer run!

img_02985. Space Above and Beyond – 1 Season

Set in the not too distant future, man has colonised some planets and we’ve stumbled upon and upset some aliens who of course want to fight. This show follows a mismatch set of new recruits from training to deployment against the evil aliens. Of course they had to be mismatched to cause friction and course at times they save the day.

img_02964. Earth 2 – 1 Season

And again, set in the not too distant future where Earth is having a problem with resources so a private party sets out to colonise another planet, the government at the time tries to sabotage the mission at the beginning but luckily they escape that plot, but as they reach their destination they hit a disaster and are forced to abandon ship in life pods. Landing on the planet in completely the wrong place with limited supplied they need to find their way to the future landing-place of the families travelling through space.

img_02943. Terra Nova – 1 Season

Yes, shockingly another not too distant future Earth and with a climate and resource problem. But scientists found a wormhole to the past, 65 million years into the dinosaur past. Several groups are sent through to study and essentially colonise this past Earth and of course evil governments have their own agenda.

A very expensive bug named show that apparently cost $1,000,000+ per episode!

sgu2. Stargate Universe – 2 Seasons

Another Stargate spin-off which probably killed itself off because of too much Stargate at the same time. Actually set in the present but aboard an ancient and slightly knackered spaceship on the other side of the universe, a group of US military and mainly scientist based civilians learn to survive together and find a way back home.

This actually ran for 2 seasons and was developing a very good storyline until it was cancelled. But it was setup to allow a resurrection/revival if needed, sorry no spoilers here.

firefly1. Firefly – 1 Season

Cowboys in space, probably the best way to describe this quirky sci-fi series. The not too distant future where man has colonised lots of planets but has a wild west/frontier feel but in space. An interesting collection of characters man/work for passage on the Serenity, an old cargo ship that flies around doing slightly bad things but always with good intentions. Shiny!

This was cancelled, but has a huge following, enough to spawn a film (Serenity), a computer game, references in other programmes like The Big Bang Theory and Castle (loads in Castle!) and continuing calls for more Firefly. Probably a mistake to have cancelled this one!

And a bonus show…..

img_0300Caprica – 1 Season

A prequel to the highly successful reboot of Battlestar Galactica, telling the story of how the cylons were created and came into being and where key BSG characters came into the mix. Easy to see why it was cancelled as the first 2/3 of the series was slow, but it became very good towards the end. Maybe it deserved a Blood and Chrome style mini-series to tidy up loose ends rather than a 2 minute close.