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September 5, 2017


5 Underappreciated and Underrated Movies

by GFR2

I have a huge number of films and have watched even more than I own, but I have seen a few films which always make people say “what film?” when having conversations or making film references.

This is just a small selection of films I think people have missed out on.

CluemovieClue (1985)

Based on the board game Cluedo and set in the early 50s – a group of seemingly unconnected people are in invited to a secluded mansion for dinner, what they get is dinner and death and some crazy antics from the butler (Tim Curry) – It’s a dark comedy, with some great one liners, odd scenes, clichés and innuendos a plenty. And several plot twists.


TheBunkerThe Bunker (2001)

In the middle of a forest during WWII, the survivors of a German squad stumble upon a bunker manned by an old guy and a teenage boy. Seeking refuge from the American forces they decide to find a way out via the bunker’s underground tunnels. Although this sounds like a WWII film, it’s actually a clever use of fear, paranoia and guilt which turns it into an escape the paranormal type of film.


OutpostOutpost (2008)

I know, it’s another war esq. film, well kind of. A group of mercs are hired to take a scientist to an abandoned bunker (no, not the one from above!) but discover its not that abandoned when they find a frail old man there. The film references the Philadelphia experiment as the basis for its plot, details of this film below.

Think Zombie Nazis and you may get an idea, this also has 2 sequels (although the 3rd is technically a prequel) – both are worth watching if you enjoy this one.

UsseldridgeThe Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

For those not in the know this is based on the events of the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia naval yard. An alleged experiment to cloak the ship and make it radar invisible, the ship was said to disappear not only from radar but from the naval yard and when it re-appeared people claimed to have seen crew melded into the deck.

The film obviously takes this to the next level and adds Hollywood dramatisation and special effects and plays with time a little.

It’s a good intro into learning more about the Eldridge and the cloaking experiment and you can see the basis for the film.

SaintsandsoldiersSaints & Soldiers (2003)

This one is actually a WWII film, a story about a group of 4 soldiers who escape the Malmedy Massacre (where 84 US prisoners of war were executed) and then find a lost British pilot with vital information that could save many lives, the film shows their fight for survival as the now 5 strong head towards safety and deliver the pilot with his information. Again it adds some dramatic flair but is quite a good film and shows that the soldiers on both sides were human and not just fighting men.


Anything else you think should be on this list?  Or any movies you think I’d enjoy based on this list?

Comment below!

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  1. Sep 5 2017

    The less well-known film I normally suggest is High Strung- it’s a dance movie, though, so it targets a pretty specific audience.
    I think Age of Adaline is under appreciated. Blake Lively’s performance is impressive in that movie.


    • Sep 5 2017

      Thanks for suggestion, I’ll take a look at both – always open to new films to watch even if my bias is heavily towards sci-fi and military.



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