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September 10, 2017

The best Sunday Roast you’ve ever tasted…

by GFR2

img_3057It’s Sunday, that means for some recovering from a hangover, for some its a day of doing very little, for others it serves as a reminder that tomorrow is Monday and thats the start of a working week and for others it’s the day of days, the day you have a Sunday Roast!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you go, how much money you spend, how unique the dish is or how many servings it comes in, the best is always made by your Mum!

You could eat your Sunday roast in a hot air balloon over the Sahara – unless your Mum cooked it, it won’t be as good.

You could sell all your possessions, your kids, your organs and splash it all on a Sunday roast and unless your Mum cooked it then still not as good.

You could have stumbled upon the extinct Dodo on a remote island, roast it up and serve it with Yorkshire’s made in Yorkshire by the master Yorkshire pudding maker whose father did it before him and his father before him and his father and so on until you discover that his family actually invented Yorkshire puddings but unless your Mum cooked it then again it won’t be the same.

You could have it served over 20 courses each made by Heston Bloominmentalcooking and being the most abstract way of making, cooking and serving a Roast dinner but unless your Mum is Heston Bloominmentalcooking then yep, it won’t be the same!

So if you can, stop reading this and go thank your Mum for the best Sunday Roast ever!

To my Mum, Thank you for all the delicious roast dinners, including the ones with burnt carrots!

To my Mum-in-Law, Linda, thank you for all your delicious roast dinners and for showing me carrots can be served without a fire extinguisher!

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