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September 18, 2017


Escape Reality, then escape the room

by GFR2


Its time to escape, 60 minutes, a room full of puzzles and a small hint to help us start.

No we aren’t shopping at the Boxing day sales in Next but we are jumping into an escape room, Heist in Escape Reality Cardiff to be precise. (No hints or clues will be given away, although there is mention of lasers, I won’t mention the sharks, just the lasers).

Virtually opposite Burger King in Cardiff, this secluded door leads upstairs to a reception area and bar and of course the multiple escape rooms.

We were invited to Escape Reality, but did we escape the room in less than 60 minutes?

If you’ve never visited an escape room before then I would recommend the following as a bit of pre-game training (Escape Room Training) but to a give you a brief overview, an escape room is a series of puzzles located inside a room (or rooms) that you must solve in order to complete the challenge and escape the room (the final puzzle normally reveals the escape means, eg padlock key, door code etc).  Some places have linear puzzles, some have random puzzles, some have bi-linear puzzles but all rooms will also contain red herrings of some sort.

GlobeAs I mentioned we played Heist and as promised no spoilers will be posted, commented, sold, swapped or transferred via mind control.  Any images you see on here are from the game rooms, they are not clues, or maybe they are, or not…..who knows.

You are taken to your game room, you are asked to place all personal items (phones, laptops, tablets, bags, keys and night vision goggles into a locker) and after a short briefing which includes some health and safety instructions, using objects in the room and use of the tablet including time penalties, you are let loose in the room.

Clue1Still no spoilers, except for the lasers, but that’s a funny story!  Part way through the game we were met with some lasers which needed disarming, but rather than read the instructions and figure out the puzzle my Wife decided to re-enact the scene from Entrapment, you know the one where Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character does her twisty effects and goes around the lasers.  However, it ended up being a cross between this and secret agent laser obstacle chess from The Big Bang Theory.  Oh I wish I had my iPhone just to film that bit!

I’ve been to another escape room, but in Germany and although both escape rooms experiences run with the same overall idea, the puzzles were very different.  The puzzles in Escape Reality are linear in nature, that means you need to solve 1-2-3-4-5 etc and not act like Thor from our party and manage to open a door without solving the puzzle!

Clue2Don’t worry though, if your Thor or Hulk does manage this the staff are quickly on hand to give you a spanking!  Well actually we were given a slight hint at this stage as we’d actually managed to skip 3 puzzles so needed a little reset back.

So once we’d gone backwards, we eventually went forwards again, there was a little discussion on solving a couple of the puzzles but a quick game of rock, scissors, paper, lizard, spock soon sorted that out.


We did it, we solved the room……..but also we used 2 time penalties, had to step backwards and didn’t enter the final code properly so actually we didn’t do it, team Behind The Geek failed to escape the room at Escape Reality in Cardiff.

But not to worry, there are plenty of other games for us to try to escape from, I’m wanting to try Fibonacci next and hopefully escape that room successfully!

We did pose for some after failure shots, not the success shots that we wanted but the upside was I managed to strangle my wife’s cousin which I’ve wanted to do for years…

We had a little chat at the end of the game and things like party sizes came up, especially for things like Xmas (the recommendation is to book sooner rather than later!) as this would be an excellent place for our usual non xmasy xmas party – Escape Room, food and Star Wars – What more could any geek want?

Extra Geekiness for you – Outside one of the rooms is an exceptional piece of artwork, think Terminator……

Escape Reality have several UK locations, but also Dubai and Las Vegas!

For bookings at any of their branches, questions, room stories have a look at their site – Escape Reality –

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  1. I’m looking forward to trying out more rooms at Escape Reality. I’ve escaped Misery but failed Enigmista and Fibonacci (I blame the open bar at the launch event for that!)

    The theme and build quality are amazing, though I find the puzzles to be sometimes a little too difficult. Still, it was fun!


    • Sep 22 2017

      Fibonacci is next on my list and I am tempted to do a full comparison of all the Escape Room locations in Cardiff just for curiosity!



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