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September 23, 2017

iOS 11 – The Quirks so far

by GFR2

Last Update (6) – 5th November – iOS 11.1

So iOS 11 has been out for a few days now and with every major release of iOS many things change, some very clearly advertised and a lot that are hidden in some webpage somewhere or just in Apple’s secret knowledge farm.

This is what I’ve found so far, and I will continue to update these over the next few weeks should I find anymore.

These have been found using my iPad (2017 version) and my iPhone 6S+

Emojis – Yes the greatly anticipated collection of iOS 11 emojis are…… missing

Files – The great centralised storage app, very handy as it ties in to your other cloud based storage but it always opens iCloud by default, sorry Apple my stuff is on OneDrive, so let me change it! – Update(1) Unlike Onedrive direct, you can only download 1 file at a time and then it drops you back to the initial screen.

iTunes Settings – Auto downloads turned itself back on, I found this by accident when I downloaded an app on my iPad and my iPhone started downloading the same app – Not great when my 16GB iPhone is always short on space (At least Apple sorted this by giving the iPhone 8 a minimum of 64GB of storage).

Control Centre (Center) – Disabling the WiFi and Bluetooth does not disable WiFi and Bluetooth, it merely disconnects them – You still need to go into Settings to disable them fully – Come on Apple, you could have implemented a 2 stage system there, 1 tap disconnects and 2 taps turns off, it’s not hard! Update(2) iOS 11.0.1 did not change this function on my devices, still only disconnects any active connection.

Safari – Opened a document such as a PDF and want to save it to your storage?  You used to be able to just click on the document and a 2 options would appear just below the address bar, these have now moved to the options button.

The Safari options button, fully configurable as always but with a few handy features which you may find right at the end of the list – And no you still can’t choose all the options which can be disabled.

Update(3) – The wishlist in the Apps store has been removed.

Update(4)  – iOS 11.0.2 is out, fixes some crackling sound issues on the iPhone 8/8+.

Update(5) – Storage, Apple have tidied this up and made it easier to work things out, except they have forgotten something rather important – Telling you actually how much free space you have!


As you can see my iPhone is the 16GB model and I’ve used 11GB of storage, further down it tells me I have 6.88GB used for the OS – So how much free space do I have?  Now you may think it’s 16GB -11GB as per the picture……well no, I only have 2.5GB free!

Update (6) – My last update to the quirks list until the next version of iOS.  iOS 11.1 was released and yes, finally the promised emojis appeared!  As well as some other fixes including a fix for the recent Krack WiFi bug.

But it’s not all bad, here are some good features

Updating – I always update major releases via iTunes on my laptop, it takes a full backup so I can recover should anything go wrong.  The file size was 2.6GB for both but the actual update was the quickest and simplest of any major iOS release, even the post update setup was less than 2 minutes with minimal questions.

Speed – My iPhone is performing slightly better, this may be down to a simple flush of cache or maybe the full removal of 32Bit support, but for me it’s a speed difference.  My iPad, well this has never been taxed since I bought it so haven’t noticed any difference.

Battery life – No difference on either device, usage is the same, still get a full day on the iPhone and a good 3-4 days on the iPad.

Files – Centralised access to all my cloud based storage, makes life so much easier!

Weather – It’s only a little tweak but its easier to read and with more hourly forecasts it’s means us Brits can moan about the weather over a longer period of time.

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