DSC_0960A few years ago whilst on holiday in Germany we went across the border and visited Maastricht, whilst there we stumbled upon a shop selling things from barrels and glass jugs so intrigued we went in and had a look.

Cooking oils of various flavours, vinegars (yes, there is more than one type) and a selection of various alcohols. We could have spent a fortune in there but luckily didn’t, we then had a moan that the UK didn’t really have this sort of thing, well not where we lived.

Jump in a hot tub, spill an energy drink on it and travel in a time a couple of years and we stumble upon a shop in an arcade in Cardiff, same sort of layout, barrels, huge glass jugs and a simplistic yet very effective shop design.

In we went and what did we discover? Yep, our wish came true and we had the ability to spend all our money on oils, vinegars and alcohol!

So what is it? It’s as simple as it seems, huge containers of very good quality products which you can sample before buying. You pick what you want, pick a bottle of varying size and said bottle is filled up.

But then this is where it gets good. You go home, use all the contents in your bottle, wash it and then go back – you get it refilled and only pay for the liquid not the bottle which then saves you some cash enabling you to buy more!


Of course, this may not be your thing, but they make awesome presents for people – I bought my Dad a couple of bottles of whiskey for his 60th, we aren’t talking shop bought blends here, we are looking at 30-year-old single malt and like all aged whiskey from any specialist they are really good and worth every penny.

I’m quite partial to the Irish Whiskey liqueur they sell, goes really well over some ice and for me is something I have once in a blue moon, oddly normally in the winter.

Then there are the oils and vinegars, these come in so many flavours and can be used as a simple dip for some or to really enhance a meal – we’ve used them in salad dressings, sauces, as a dressing for potatoes, as an oil for pizza, as a base for browning mince to use with pasta, the vinegar will change a simple Bolognese into something very different, it can lighten, it can sweeten and with the very good balsamic it’ll give a real deep flavour.

Cheaper than a trip to Maastricht and a huge selection of cooking flavours, tasty drinks and gifts all in the one place.

Plus they do a loyalty card, get it stamped and you get free stuff!

Vom Fass in Cardiff is located at 12 High Street Cardiff, next to the entrance to High Street Arcade.

December 2018

Today I learnt the sad news that after 7 1/2 years Vom Fass in Cardiff is now closed.