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September 30, 2017

Oh how I love BBQ cooking!

by GFR2

weberbbqI find cooking relaxing and stress relieving, even though at times it feels like it isn’t!  One of my preferred choices of cooking is BBQ, which being in the UK is limited to a small window during the summer months, unless you are me and slightly crazy.

For the past 4 years I’ve been keeping a tally of the number of BBQs I’ve managed to have each year, this year may hold one or maybe two more at a push.

In 2012 I had a few BBQs but didn’t really keep count, so in 2013 I changed this and started to keep a tally.


2013 – The year we had 5 weeks of nothing but dry weather and sunshine, which meant 32, yes 32! BBQs in that year.  Most weren’t anything special, just a few bits thrown on the BBQ when coming home from work, but still the best year for BBQs I’ve ever had.

2014 – Summer wash out, a pathetic year for BBQs with a total of 9 – I mean 9 BBQs, that’s nothing, especially compared to the previous year.

2015 – 15 BBQs, which was impressive as half my summer was wiped out due to severe exhaustion and collapsing at the start of my annual leave, but I still managed 15 even though I had a 3 week period of none at all right in the middle of the summer and in good weather too – Yep, that’s how bad it was I couldn’t even BBQ!

2016 – I wasn’t sure if this year would be more or less BBQs, it was the year we got married so there was a lot of prep work, cake stand building, dress fittings, family visiting, parties and such like.  However I still managed 19 BBQs.

2017 – So far this year it’s been poor, only 11 BBQs, the weather although hot earlier in the year has mainly been wet and always at the weekends when it’s easiest to do a BBQ, but we are planning on maybe a pre-xmas BBQ party – Cooking in the cold!

snowbbqAnd a special mention to December 2010, plenty of snow so I decided to fire up a portable BBQ – Cleared the patio area and lit it up, only cooked a load of sausages of which most formed part of a slow cooker casserole but night-time snow cooking was a cold but fun experience.

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