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October 1, 2017


WERO Multi function Apple Charging Station

by GFR2

img_2915If you are a fan of Apple devices then you might want to have a neat and tidy way of charging them all, your iPhone, your iPad, your iWatch and even the AirPods.

A few months ago I was sent 2 products from WERO to test and review, you may have read my review on the WERO Apple Watch desktop stand and noticed that I mentioned another item – This item.

But there was a slight issue upon assembly…..

Now don’t get me wrong, the build quality is excellent – It looks like something Apple would sell themselves, it’s a sleek aluminium charging station that fits together well, looks good and in theory would charge all your devices.

I say in theory because there is a problem.  The charging cable for the iWatch fits perfectly, the space for the Airpods is perfect but the charging section for the iPhone is the issue.

I can understand it being manufactured not to accept 3rd party cables (An oversight if you ask me though) but mine wouldn’t accept my official Apple cables – None of the 3 I had at home and not even the new one I purchased!


Cable slides in from underneath and is clamped on….


The reverse image to highlight the problem


No matter how you try it, that hole isn’t big enough.

Of course there are a couple of options, neither of which I would recommend.

  • Strip some plastic off the charging cable – either cut it or sand it.
  • Elongate the hole in the stand itself.

Being the person I am, I did make the company aware of the issue, sent them the same images (they suggested stripping the cable!) but they did admit it was a flaw and they would pass it on to their design team then send me another unit.

This was almost 3 months ago now, I’ve not heard anything back and have noticed this item is still being sold – Hopefully with the modifications done.

It’s a shame really as assembled it looks really smart.

My only wish for these types of stands would be to include the charging adaptors and have a single input as you still have to run 3 cables up to the stand and if you don’t have a suitable multi-port USB charger then you’ll have 3 plugs too!

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  1. Oct 3 2017

    The design looks good. I am no expert but great advice. Its such a professional review website.



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