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October 5, 2017

Winter is coming (apparently)

by GFR2

No this is nothing to do with Game of Thrones – But here is a confession, that’s pretty much all I know about Game of Thrones!  I know I’m a geek and I wear that label proudly, but GoT has never appealed to me, I just think it’s an overhyped version of Dungeons and Dragons, which I also didn’t like.

But back to Winter.

Yes Winter is coming, mind you it’s been coming harshly for many years according to the newspapers – 90 days of Winter, worst winter ever, power cuts in the big freeze and what do we get…….rain and wind and rain.

I have a decent Winter coat, I bought it last year from Costco (Yep, function over style) and it’s very good but it’s too warm.  I’m essentially a walking radiator and having a big winter coat on in the UK winter of rain and wind (and a lack of snow) means I get too hot.

I have a smaller more suitable shell jacket, which due to an unforseen tumble dryer incident is now smaller and therefore less suitable!

I went looking for a new jacket, something to fit in between my now smaller summer soft shell and the heavy warm Costco coat – and I stumbled upon this on Amazon.

Magcomsen Tactical Outdoor Softshell jacket

Magcomsen Tactical Outdoor Softshell jacket

I went for the XXXL size so I could wear a jumper or something underneath should I need to be warmer for whatever reason (Such as my trip to Germany shortly – It can get damn cold in Cologne!).

And yes it has a very airsoft/military look (which I like, even down to the velcro sections for patches), has loads of pockets, adjustable cuffs, a capped hood, hooks on the chest pockets and a drawstring on the inside of the same pockets to pull the hood down.

The hood can be left open, or wrapped down into one of 2 places, a half wrap which means a high neck or a full wrap which gives a normal neck.

It’s warm (maybe a little too warm for the current conditions) but that bodes well for worse weather, it’s not rained yet so I haven’t tested that aspect but time will tell.

So when (and if) Winter does come, I’m gonna be ready.

A little trip over to Germany in the past week and a chance to test out the new jacket and yes, it’s warm!  So warm that on the first day walking around Cologne I had to open the cooling zips on the arms, they work well and cooled me down.  It was colder the next couple of days and at no stage did I feel cold in the coat, all I had on underneath was a tshirt so this bodes well for the winter.

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