Odd question I know, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Why have I been thinking about it?  Simple really, my Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Instagram feed and of course every shop under the sun seems to be celebrating Christmas now!

It seems that the Christmas period is starting earlier and earlier each year, which means it’s becoming very dragged out and repetitive.  In fact over the past few years as we gotten closer to Christmas day I’ve been feeling less and less festive and I think it’s connected.

Christmas decorations are now in the shops towards the end of the summer, in fact they are sometimes appearing before Halloween stuff and fireworks for bonfire night.

I know Christmas is meant to be a fun, enjoyable time of the year and I understand that some people want to enjoy it for as long as they can, but surely stretching out the build-up and hype of Christmas from October is just killing what it means?

Some may argue that the true meaning of Christmas is being lost, various things associated with Christmas are a mix of religion(s), marketing and a collection of personal meanings.  Mine for example are about relaxing, winding down from work and enjoying the company over the period.

Those who love it should still enjoy Christmas, enjoy what it means to us, celebrate, be happy, spend time with loved ones but do we need to hype it up from October?  Does it kill the essence of Christmas?  And what about those who hate Christmas or for whatever reason have bad memories triggered by Christmas, how do they cope with 3 months of Christmas?

People often complain that they are fed up of Christmas by Boxing day and the lull between Christmas and New Year – Is this because Christmas has been in our lives for 3 months at that stage and we’re all just starting to grow weary of it?

What do you think?