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November 10, 2017

ZeroGrid Luggage Organisers

by GFR2

zerogridBit of an unusual gadget this one but still useful!  Recently I went to Germany to see some friends and relax from the stress of buying a house (Hence why I’ve not posted a huge amount in recent weeks on either blog), with travelling comes suitcases and packing and this collect of luggage organisers certainly helps with that.

Zero Grid asked if I’d like to review their luggage organisers and sent me a sample pack.

What you get is what you see in the picture, 1 large organiser, 2 smaller organisers and a bag.

Simple to use, open the organiser, fold your clothes neatly into it and place it in your suitcase – These fit perfectly in the small suitcase I have and allowed room for additional items such as my multi charger.

Everything becomes easier to pack as you are essentially packing 3 mini cases and then just place them into your normal suitcase – simple!  You don’t even need to struggle with that sill strap you find in suitcases, you know the one designed to stop things from moving but always disappears beneath the clothes!

I used the bag as a dirty laundry bag for some items and other dirty laundry was then repacked into the now empty luggage organisers.

To be honest I wasn’t sure if they’d be a useful thing to try and review, but after using them it just meant packing the suitcase was easier, and took up less room than just packing the same items directly into the suitcase.

Zero Grid Luggage Organiser available on Amazon –

Zero Grid Travel accessories available on Amazon –

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