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November 17, 2017

Gadget of The Week – InnoGadget USB Keyring

by GFR2

20171111_152646239_iOSIt’s been a while since my last GoTW post, I’ve been busy with many other things and not had many things to review recently (which is handy as I’ve been so busy!) but here we are back with another cheeky little gadget to feature!

This week is an Innogadget USB to lightning charge and data cable keyring – It’s a mouthful to say but a useful thing to have.

Innogadget gave me a choice of which cable I’d like to review but as I’m sat firmly in the Apple corner it made sense to pick a lightning version.

Not everyone has an everyday gadget carry kit like me, but most people need at some point during the day a charging cable for their phone, tablet or camera – The number of people who come into the office at work wanting to borrow a charging cable is unbelievable, I should start selling cables and make my fortune!

As I’ve said I picked the lightning version of the cable but there are a couple of types available including micro USB and USB-C available in a selection of colours.

It’s a simple idea, take a shortened cable, add a couple of magnets and a simple keyring and you have a quick release cable sat on your keys – It couldn’t be simpler!


Unfolded the total length is 11.5cm, as a keyring it’s 5.5cm – so not a large cable or large keyring, which is the point, small enough to be useful but not too large as to get in the way.

If I could change one thing about this it would be to make the USB contacts dual sided, purely because you can put it in upside down, it’s obvious when you do as it won’t charge or connect for data transfer, but making the contacts dual sided would fix this small annoyance.

This cable is a keyring, it’s for when you forget your cables and need something in a hurry – it’s not meant as a permanent replacement, not that it’s poorly made but it’s clearly for infrequent use.

Innogadgets : lightning cable –

Innogadgets : microUSB cable –

Innogadgets : USB-C cable –

Innogadgets : the full range on Amazon –

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