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November 25, 2017

B-Right branded 46ft Battery Powered Rope Lights

by GFR2

20171125_120632554_iOSThere is a chance that you may have noticed Christmas is coming, possibly from the small subtle signs in the shops and from your calendar – not from it being advertised everywhere for the past few months!

Christmas means decorations, decorations means lights and lights on things outside.

B-Right asked me to test their battery-powered LED rope lights in time for the Christmas season.

LED Christmas lights aren’t a new thing, but they have been shrunk down in size and battery usage which means battery-powered lights are becoming more and more available.  Couple this with a remote control and outside lights become easier to install but also a lot more flexible in their installation.

These B-Right lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

20171125_121551200_iOSThe lights are encased in a 46ft waterproof plastic pipe, with a waterproof battery housing which means they can be used in a variety of situations.  The most obvious for me is on a tree in the garden or wrapped around the pillars on the porch.

Being battery-powered (3 x AA batteries) means no trailing cables into the house, no stretching cables or running extension cables from available plugs down to windows or doors to power the outside lights (been there, done that – one year we had an extension cable running from the living room into the downstairs toilet and through the window!).

Battery life will depend on a couple of factors – the type of batteries you us, cheap isn’t always best and the outside temperature – cold weather reduces battery life.

The remote control also means you can switch them on or off without needing to either go outside or play with the power pack normally found on other lights – the remote allows you to select from the 8 available flashing modes, set the brightness of the lights, turn them on or off or set a timer so they turn themselves on and off. (to do this, at the time you want them to come on, press the timer button – the lights will run for 6 hours then turn themselves off, they will be off for 18 hours and then come on again – manually turning on/off resets this)

The 46ft of rope lights contain 120 warm white LEDs, the battery pack uses 3 x AA batteries (not supplied) and the remote uses 1 x CR2025 battery (supplied).

B-Right LED Rope lights –

B-Right Lights Full selection –

*Star Destroyer is not included with the Rope lights!

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