Its stuff yourself with as many chocolates as possible season – You can’t hide from them, they are everywhere.  No matter where you go, someone will have a tub of the above chocolates and you will be offered some.  I bet you’ll even have a few tubs in work!

But what do people prefer?

Of course there are plenty of other chocolates out there at Christmas, but these are the 4 main players, the 4 tubs that you’ll see as soon as you walk into pretty much any supermarket – the 4 tubs that will be on offer of some sort.

The tubs that will find their way into your basket or trolley when you only went in for some bread and milk (or all the bread and milk if it’s snowing!).

The christmas chocolate tubs are here………..

cadburyrosestubCadbury Roses – This for me is the best, but that’s down to one important thing which the others don’t have, this one does and most people ignore them….. Coffee flavoured chocolates!  Yes the Coffee Escape, ignored and hated by most (Like gherkins in a Big Mac) but nearly always left until last.  Send me these, I will eat them for you!

Of course, the other chocolates are also good and the Strawberry & Orange creams are the second ones to go, closely followed by the country fudge.


Cadbury Heroes – The miniature versions of a selection of their chocolate bars, sometimes with a special guest chocolate bar but normally with the same selection of chocolates.  The twirls always go first for me, then the Wispas.




Mars Celebrations – The Mars version of the Hereos, a selection of their chocolate bars shrunk down for my little ewok sized friend.  The first victims in this box are the Twix bars, closely followed by the Teasers – and from what I’ve experienced, these are a popular choice so quite often these disappear.



qualitystreettubNestle Quality Street – One of the original classics, the one with the tooth breaker toffee pennies!  I think Odeon buy these in bulk as their Gallery seating have tubs of these available at Christmas (it’s amazing how many tubs you can eat whilst watching Star Wars!).  I like them but these aren’t my go-to choice and quite often if I have a tub or box of these they do end up as the last chocolates I eat – of course this could be down to eating too many whilst watching Star Wars in the Odeon Cinema!



So what do you prefer?  And how many of the above have you already eaten?  What is your single favourite from them? Will you send me your Coffee Escapes?