2 years ago we had a Christmas party and us geeks know how to rock a party, we started off in Costco then popped over to the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff and invaded their Gallery showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In case you missed it, or have forgotten what happened in Episode 7 here is a brief recap told from the point of view of each character.


FN-2187 (aka Finn) – Stormtrooper refuses to fight, saves Poe, loses Poe, finds BB8 & Rey, pretends to be bigshot, runs away, found by Han & Chewie, meets Maz, runs away, loses Rey, finds Poe, lies about toilet duties, gets cold, finds Rey, watches Han die, gets cut by Ren.

Rey – Scavenges equipment, underpaid, marks off another day, rescues BB8, almost sells BB8, meets Finn, has hand grabbed by Finn, steals Falcon, found by Han & Chewie, sets Rathtars free, bypasses compressor, offered job, runs away, has a fight, captured, interrogated, plays mind games with stromtrooper, escapes, found by Finn, watches Han die, fights angry boy in mask, flies to meet non speaking Luke.

Poe – Finds missing map, tries to escape, decides to fight, sends BB8 away, captured, interrogated, escapes with Finn, steals Tie Fighter, crashes Tie Fighter, has jacket taken, fights new order, hugs Finn, flies around shooting tie fighters, flies into fiery hole, blows stuff up, flies away.

Ren – Attacks village, interrogates Poe, gets angry, re-decorates bridge console, talks to giant holograms, talks to melted helmet, find Rey, freezes Rey, interrogates Rey, has headache, talks to giant hologram, finds no Rey, gets angry, redecorates.  Meets father, has hug, accidentally on purpose turns on lightsaber. Fights Fin, has ass handed to him by Rey.

BB8 – Gets given map piece, told to run away, gets stuck in net, aerial gets damaged, rescued by Rey, aerial fixed, almost sold by Rey, spots Poe’s jacket, runs through market, bounces around Falcon, thumbs up to Finn.  Finds R2-D2, gives map back.

R2D2 – ………………………………………………………………………….powers on, completes map.

C3PO – States the obvious, explains to Han that he has a new red arm in case he didn’t recognise him, states the obvious, flaps around.

Chewie – Captures Rathtars, finds Rey, Finn and BB8, escapes rathtars, gets shot, gets better, gets cold, finds Rey, gets cold, plants explosives, watches Han die, gets very angry, shoots Ren, rescues Rey and Finn, flies Rey to meet Luke.

Han – Borrows money, borrows more money, captures Rathtars, finds Falcon, finds Rey, Finn and BB8, debt collectors eaten, escapes, sees Maz, has a fight, shoots first (this time), sees wife, crashes Falcon, gets cold, moans about cold, finds Rey, gets cold, finds Ren, has a hug, gets odd warm feeling during hug, falls off bridge………


Of course there are more characters and I could go on for ages, but that’s pretty much a brief round-up of the film – That should set you up well to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’m already booked and ready to watch it in splendid IMAX 3D glory at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff – Even have a new Star Wars T-shirt on the way from Qwertee and my Christmas Jumper is also Star Wars themed.

Enjoy the film and may the force be with you!