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December 28, 2017

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro – HX8432/23

by GFR2

img_0356It’s been a fair while since my last review, it’s been very busy in that time with other non gadget based things, including Christmas, Star Wars:The Last Jedi and the adventures of Dave The Elf (Visit him on Behind The Geek).

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy myself a Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro (Model HX8432/23 to be exact) as my teeth are quite tightly packed and I struggle with using floss/brushes etc.

But did it do what it said on the box and was it worth the bargain price I paid of £59.99?

I visit the dentist normally every 6 months and every time I am told the same thing, all looks good but you need to floss more and then they use their jet powered tools and remove and built up plaque/tartar that I can’t reach with my toothbrush.  6 months later, same thing.

I’ve tried so many different products such as floss, ribbon, brushes, toothpicks and different mouthwashes but it still remains.  I’ve even tried different toothbrushes from manual to electric and I’ve found for me that a Philips Sonicare with a small head works best.

I then remembered a few years ago seeing a water based flossing device, the idea being very similar to that of the dentist’s jet powered tools but for home use and obviously less powerful.  So I went looking and found a few out there, Philips, Oral-B and then loads of clones on Amazon.

Now being a user of an existing Philips Sonicare toothbrush I naturally looked at the Philips Sonicare version and was shocked at what I read – The same thing time and time again, they failed in a short period of time, and then I looked at the dates of these, they were nearly all for the first generation units or where people used them for a while and then left them for months.

Prices can be expensive, the average price on these are between £79.99 and £99.99 depending on where you find them – I managed to find this model on Amazon for £59.99, cheaper but still a fair investment if it were to fail.  But then again, it’s a gadget, it comes with warranty so there is at least some peace of mind there.  I took the plunge and ordered one.

The box contains the unit, 2 heads, charging socket and a bottle of mouthwash.  I checked the charging socket and found it’s exactly the same as the one for my toothbrush so no need to use them both!

24 hour charge and a read of the instructions and I was set – now the first couple of times you use it you will splatter the mirror, but you quickly figure out how to position your lip over the device so it doesn’t splatter.

The main body is larger than I was expecting, not too large but not as slimline as their toothbrushes and when you read everything you expect this massive tank that you fill with mouthwash, in fact it’s a tiny tank that holds about a cap full (enough for 2 uses).

The idea is simple, place against the top of the gumline and press the button – on default mode it does 3 bursts of air/mouthwash mix, you can change this to 2 bursts or even a single burst.  For the first 2 days I did use the single burst due to the mirror splattering but then swapped it back to the 3 burst mode.

So 2 weeks of use later and I can honestly say it works!  The small gap between the teeth that appears after visiting the dentist is back, my teeth feel cleaner and from what I can see with my basic dental kit the back of the teeth don’t have any build up.  Of course the true test will be on the next visit to the dentist in a few months time!

Would I pay £99 for one? No, but finding them on offer and spending £60 or less then yes without a doubt.

Update – Feb 2018.

And here we are, a couple of months after buying it and guess what – This 3rd generation also has failings.  It leaks, and not just a little bit.  The mouthwash/water chamber doesn’t have an actual seal on it and if left stood in it’s natural upright position the liquid leaks out overnight, a slow continuous dribble that leaves a sticky mess all down the front of the unit, underneath and on whatever surface it’s sat on.

It’s going back to Amazon for a refund and I’m going to look at alternatives – It does work and works well but reliability is shocking.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro HX8432/23 currently still £59.99 –

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush HX6511/43 currently £34.99 –

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