It’s January 2018 already, somehow that crept up when I wasn’t looking and here we are!  So what did 2017 bring me?  Am I rich? Did I become famous? Did I visit space? Did I discover a new element? Did I create a mechanical suit and fight evil?

Sadly none of these happened, I know that it’s confusing. It is one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I’m a superhero. The truth is, I am not Ironman.

What did happen?

Well my other site (GFR2 Reviews) went from 6K views in 2015-2016 (1K in 2015 and 5K in 2016) to a massive 25K (Yep, 19K in 2017!) which made me happy – some good gadgets to review, some not so good too!  Hopefully I can continue that trend this year and get some more goodies to review.

Here was born!  I was enjoying writing so much that I created another place to do it, not tech based but a bit of everything – It’s the lighter side of life, I’ve worked with a few brands (Escape Reality Cardiff, VomFass Cardiff and The Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff), had plenty of banter with Braces Bread Bakery on Twitter (Even Dave The Elf joined in) and enjoyed a Christmas with Dave The Elf and Porgwin.

Enjoyed our first year of marriage and ate plenty of food to celebrate (Our favourite being Seafood Shack in Cardiff – Best chips, ever) and found a new source of model kits to build and paint.

Visited Germany, twice.  Found the Chocolate shop was closed, twice!  But had fun with our crazy friends out there, and fries, lots and lots of fries, and Currywurst (with fries) and a really good pasta made by Timm not to mention the tons of out of this world Apple Cake his Mum made!

Bought a house! 2 years we’ve been waiting for this to happen, just have to wait for them to build it now – This will of course mean lots of new gadgets to buy and review when I started building things in said house – I’ve already bought a Mitre Saw ready to lay the flooring in the kitchen!

Watched Star Wars : The Last Jedi and for me, it was the best Star Wars film so far – Never have I watched a film and walked out of the cinema with a huge smile on my face and thinking Wow! Never have I then gone and seen the same film in the cinema again!  A huge thankyou to Red Dragon Centre Cardiff for the invite, you made my Christmas!

Found out that various previous injuries has knackered my knee good and proper (Grade 4 Chondromalacia Patellae, tendinopathy and osteoarthritis), 12 months of knee clinic here we come and a future that involves a kneecap replacement – Luckily I don’t have to have surgery now, but high impact things are now a no-no – so no return to Airsoft in my full on running around like an idiot mode, more stay back and snipe!  If you see me fall over, it’s cause my knee has given out.

Had a total of 12 BBQs in 2017, one of which was on Christmas Eve Eve where I am now known as the guy who BBQ’d with a head torch – Well why not, it was fun!

I learnt lots and I mean lots, on a variety of subjects both for work and home – House buying is a steep learning curve.

And finally I had another tattoo, with more to come (later).

Lets see what 2018 will bring us.