Gruum Razor & Lotion
Gruum Razor & Lotion

I’m a cross between Shrek and a Yeti – my facial hair grows quicker than Tim Allen’s in ‘The Santa Clause’ – I shave, turn around and it’s back!  But that’s not my main problem, shaving irritates my skin, not just a little but a huge amount.

Dry or wet shaving, doesn’t matter, I’ve tried lots of razors and lots of lotions/gels/foams and the same thing happens, red blotchy skin and then it dries out and flakes like’s no-ones business.

I had an offer from 3 (the mobile network) from a free razor from Gruum, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The offer from 3 was for a razor body and a single blade, delivery was £2.95 – Now I hate paying for postage (well who does!) and Gruum have free postage when you spend over £5, so rather than spend £3 and get nothing extra, I spent £5.50 and had an extra blade and some Danne shaving lotion.

For those wondering, Gruum offers a subscription service, but unlike other services the offer wasn’t a ‘sign up and we’ll automatically charge you later’ type offer, which I never use.

Anyway, back to the face shaving….

Kit arrived and first shave was done – virtually no redness and zero dried out, flaking skin – so far so good.  Shave was clean and close, and only needed a small amount of the Danne lotion, which also smells good too.  The body of the razor has a nice feel and is easy to hold, doesn’t have any annoying rubbery bits that other razors have, which also means it’s easier to clean.

Second shave a week later (I only shave once a week because of the normal irritation), and the same thing, clean and close shave, virtually no redness and again no dry skin.

The other thing that surprised me was no dry skin during the week either – my wife has tried various lotions, potions and maybe even unicorn blood on my face but still it flaked, but not this time – no flaking, I can get used to this!

So here we are, 2 shaves, 2 issue free experiences.  Lets hope this continues.

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