Apparently I had a birthday recently, and apparently it was for a number that scares some people – I just saw it as another day and maybe a different box to tick on a form.

The birthday itself went off like any other day, came home, opened a couple of cards and a couple of presents from my Wife – some hot sauce, some Edinburgh rock and a mini drone!  Followed by a meal in Table Table.

This weekend we went out with the parents and had a huge lunch at the Lamb and Flag in Wick (near Bridgend/Cowbridge).

As you’ve probably read before (and noticed via my instagram), I like food and appreciate good food and we had lots of this today!

20180225_133022553_iOSStarters for me was a Ham Hock scotch egg with curried parsnip puree and Serrano ham, so good and is making me determined to perfect my own scotch eggs!

This was a perfect starter, just the right amount of food, not too much like starters in other places and the taste was out of this world.  The ham hock worked, coupled with the runny yolk and the puree made for a happy Shrek!

20180225_135740735_iOSMain course was a Day boat fish and triple cooked chips, today the fish was haddock.  2 large pieces of battered haddock, both with crispy batter that was light and crunchy and the fish melted in your mouth, plus no bones (I always seem to get fish with bones when I eat out!).

Triple cooked chips, well you can’t go wrong with triple cooked chips, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

20180225_150103812_iOSI’m not a big dessert person, plus when I’ve had a starter and a main I don’t want to stuff myself with a dessert just for the sake of having one, but my Wife didn’t really have a starter so she was more than happy to sample the dessert menu!

She opted for Orange & Hazelnut Pannacotta with Orange sorbet, toasted hazelnuts and meringue pieces.

It’s not a huge pub, it’s cosy, very friendly, great atmosphere and good food plus an open fire which considering the bitterly cold wind today was nice.

20180225_130324251_iOSA happy and full Shrek today! (albeit with a stupid amount of knee pain!)

Of course the pub is very old, it’s not built for Shrek like figures such as myself so I had to duck! The doorway was shoulder height for me!

*This is a rare picture of me!

The Lamb & Flag at Wick.

Address: Church St, Cowbridge CF71 7QE
Phone: 01656 890278