It’s Mother’s Day (well it is today, Sunday 11th March 2018) so today we’ve done nothing for our Mothers.

Last night however was different, we took both Mothers (so that’s Mother and Mother-in-Law or from the other side of the coin, Mother-in-Law and Mother) out for a meal in our favourite local(ish) pub – The Coach and Horses in Llangynidr.

Food overload………

Yes you read that right, it was a food overload – not in a bad way, but in a very good way.  We had the usual debate about having starters, but some of us did (myself included).

I ended up eating 1 and 1/2 starters, why? Well simply put, my Wife fancied some dessert too and knew she couldn’t manage all 3 courses so she shared hers with me (I did put up a small fight by quietly saying are you sure).

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The chicken strips were huge and so good I’d have been happy with a plate of those (and the mayo). The Deep fried prawns were outstanding, so much so, the long cone ones reminded myself and my Wife of the taste testing meal we had a few years ago before we got married – they had these and we wanted them for our starters but it wasn’t an option for us, but now a few years on we’ve found somewhere that has them on the menu!

I have it on good authority that the Seafood Terrine was excellent, it was a little like a magic trick, one minute it was there, the next minute he’d gobbled it up!

We thought the starters were excellent but the mains were even more impressive, 2 Coach Chickens, a Smoked Salmon and Dill cream pasta, Homemade Corned Beef Pie, Posh Fish & Chips (mine, all mine!) and a Hake & Chips.

The pictures don’t do it justice, but there were 3 pieces of fish (Sole) in batter on top of a huge portion of chips – each piece of fish was at least 6″ long, melted in your mouth and very light (and again, no bones in sight!).  The jar of tartar sauce was good and did serve well as a dip for the chips as I was enjoying the fish with just lemon juice and a hint of vinegar from the worlds smallest vinegar shaker! (small but very effective).

Then someone said desserts, I knew this wasn’t going to happen for me but a few desserts were ordered!

Mother’s Day (eve) was a success, everyone had a really good time and as always a really high standard of food and service from the Coach & Horses.   Thank you.

The only thing I would say is the door to the dining rooms needs to be looked at as it stays open which if the main entrance to the pub is also left open brings in a very cold breeze!