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May 21, 2018


Belling Kensington 90DFT Dual Fuel Range

by GFR2

Ever since we planned on buying our own house we’ve wanted a big kitchen and a range cooker, so the house design we chose has a reasonable sized kitchen (big enough for a range cooker) so logically we wanted a range cooker.

After having a look around and reading various reviews, looking at various cookers and going back and forth to Currys we decided on this offering from Belling, which when on sale was £849.

The main things that attracted us to this cooker were –

  • Large Main Oven
  • Wider than average tall oven
  • Nice handles
  • Solid feel
  • Cast Iron wok trivet

So once I laid the laminate floor in the kitchen (that was a task!) we went down to Currys and ordered one (including half price fitting).

A couple of days later and delivery day was here, plus delivery of the unplanned purchase of a new Fridge-Freezer and Sky and BT all arriving at once!

The cooker was installed and off Team KnowHow went, had a little play but noticed the wok trivet was missing, read the instructions and it did mention the wok trivet.

So I contacted Currys and a few days later received a phone call telling me that Belling was closed for the weekend as it was Easter weekend and then asked me to call Currys back the following week to ask them to contact Belling again – No number was left and no reference number so that wasn’t helpful.

Anyway, I was sent a request from Trustpilot to review the cooker which I did and commented on the lack of trivet and the odd phone call, I then received a reply and within 2 days I had a Wok Trivet (albeit not the one I saw displayed on the model in the shop, but I didn’t want to complain again!).

But during this time we noticed a fault with the cooker, the tall oven door closes with 2 magnets (top and bottom) and the door wasn’t closing properly unless you pushed it closed but when you then used the oven it would pop open at the bottom when the door started to heat up.  So I called Currys and after 45 minutes on hold I was met with ‘Well what do you want?’ – not a great response, so I asked for it to be fixed at.  A few days later 2 engineers arrived and upon investigation said it wasn’t right and that I needed a new cooker.  So a replacement was ordered, which after a few mistakes eventually arrived this time with a working door………..or so we thought.

So last week the tall oven was used for the first time, I went into the kitchen and what did I notice?  The door wasn’t sitting flush, yep you guessed it – the door heated, popped open and became warped, it’s also flexible as could be which isn’t great.

Once again I phone Currys and go through their awful automated voice recognition and finally speak to someone, I explained the situation and he asked who replaced it, so being me I simply said ‘well you guys did’ – turns out the automated system had put me through to Belling and not Team KnowHow.

And what was I told?  Well this is a known fault and needs a part fitted to make the door rigid – So essentially a manufacturing defect then.

And engineer is due to visit this week to fit the part and fix the issue, it better work otherwise I’ll be going back to Currys and they will be having it back and I’ll pick a different brand and model!

Apart from the door issue, the rest of the cooker is excellent – grill heats up well, the main oven works really well (including the door) and the hob space is really well laid out, especially having the small burner at the back, you know where you might stick a small pan of beans to just gently simmer away.

I’d like to recommend this cooker but currently whats stopping me is this door issue, and to be honest even if the engineer does fix it I don’t think these should be sold without this fix being implemented.

When you spend just shy of £1000 on a cooker (inc. fitting) you don’t expect to be on the second within 2 weeks of delivery and have the same fault a few weeks after that.

Update – 26th May 2018

So yesterday an engineer came out to install the kit, the kit consists of an inner door that is slightly thicker than the original and a pair of magnets.  He left the old inner for me to dispose (thanks for that) and guess what…………

The issue with the door closing no longer happens at the bottom, it’s transferred to the top and yes it pops open during cooking – Not a fix, not even close.

Such a shame as the oven cavities are larger than others, you can fit additional shelves in the tall oven (For some reason it only comes with 3 instead of 4 but can easily fit 5 in there!), the main oven you can fit 3 shelves in there but for most cooking the 2 supplied is enough.

The grill pan handle is a little flimsy, but nothing major.  The knobs are easy to turn and easy to read, the door handles are solid and don’t feel like plastic and the main oven door is solid.  It’s just so disappointing that this cooker is let down by very poor build quality/design on the tall oven door.

Update Part 2.

After a few messages via twitter and a visit to the store today and we will be having an alternative brand and model – this one has glass in all the doors so that should stay pretty rigid!

I don’t know how Belling have made such a manufacturing oversight, my Grandmother swore by her Belling and my Mum also swore by her old Belling – both were faultless!

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