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May 26, 2018

Bosch PST-650 Jigsaw

by GFR2

So you buy a new build house which pretty much came with nothing, so all the floors were bare and then you have that great idea to lay laminate wood flooring in some rooms downstairs and luxury vinyl tiles in the bathrooms upstairs – sounds easy, well up to a point it is!

Making straight cuts is pretty easy, especially when you buy a mitre saw and a tabletop saw but for the smaller, fiddly cuts you need a jigsaw.

I had a jigsaw a couple of years ago from Argos and yes you get what you pay for, it was fine the for the simple job I bought it for, but awful for the laminate – the blade jumped around all over the place and getting a straight cut was impossible.

So I went looking around and found a nicely priced offer from Bosch in the PST-650 from B&Q.

img_3708Matched to this was a set of Bosch blades designed for laminate flooring, why the different blades?  Its simple, laminate floor blunts blades, and on a normal blade it does it quicker than you can blink, also a normal blade doesn’t give a clean edge, and when cutting laminate you need the clean edge.



To highlight what I mean with the blades, I bought a pack of 4, laid laminate in the kitchen, hallway, downstairs toilet, main bathroom and en-suite – all nice shaped rooms but still needed to cut the laminate – I used 3 blades in total, you could see how quickly the blades were wearing down, but believe me it’s worth the cost (£15 for 4).

This jigsaw is rock solid, perfectly straight cuts when you need them, really easy to cut shapes (when using the right blade) and the quick release blade system is so much better than screws and plates – it probably helps to keep the blade straight too!

It even comes in a decent hard case so is easy to store and keep all the blades with it (unlike the cheap alternative, which lives on a shelf in the garage!)

The next project is an extra unit in the kitchen, this involves cutting a length of kitchen counter, which of course means a different type of cutting blade again – this one is a reverse cutting action so that it doesn’t rip the top of the countertop – yes it’s £12 for the 3 blades but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and wouldn’t be happy if the countertop gets damaged.

The only negative thing about this jigsaw is that my wife knows I like it and am impressed with it so she’ll think of lots of projects for me to do – maybe I should have stuck with the one that didn’t cut straight lines!

Bosch PST-650 on Amazon –

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