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June 15, 2018

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Xbox One

by GFR2

I both love and hate this game, the idea is great a large map that slowly shrinks over time with a group of players who just want to be the last man standing (or squad), weapons, protection and vehicles are scattered around – what more could you need?

Originally a PC based game, this has been ported onto consoles and mobile devices and I’m lucky enough to be able to play this on both the Xbox One and an iPad…….or am I?

Having watched many games of this on Youtube I waited for the day it was ported to the console, but when it came out I was part way through a house move so had no xbox live and not huge amounts of time so didn’t get it.

Then it was released on the iPad and I jumped in, and have loved every minute of it, from the classic match to the arcade, duo and squad (solo isn’t as fun, but most squad games end up as solo!).

It’s easy to play, easy to move around, shoot, collect items and drive. There are various options you can set including auto item pickup etc and this works really well and makes the game play flow a lot more, yes you can still swap out items so for example of you have a red dot scope equipped and a 4x scope in your inventory you simply drag the scope or hit equip – simple, the same as discarding excess items, hit drop, or drag to the side.

In short, great gameplay.

Then recently I upgraded my old Xbox One to a One S and that console came with PUBG and a month’s Xbox Live so I made some time to play this at home…..

I really wish I hadn’t! How did they get it so wrong? The gameplay is awful, you walk towards an item and it pops up on your screen, but then it disappears, so you look around and see it, but it doesn’t pop up until again until you stand in a certain position – all this takes time. There is no option to auto collect items, or auto equip and equipping an item is painful, 4 buttons and scrolling until you get to equip it.

And the shrinking playzone, on the mobile device you can see how far in metres you are away from it, as you run the distance drops and having the distance means you can decide if you need a vehicle.

The control layout needs sorting too, virtually every game I’ve played where you use a scope, you hold down the left trigger. Not gently tap and then zoom (where possible) with the d-pad, if you hold down the left trigger it becomes a slightly closer reticle, what on earth?.

The upshot? Well I’ve given up playing on the xbox and will stick to playing PUBG Mobile on the ipad, it works, it plays well and it’s enjoyable – The xbox port needs to pay attention to this!

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